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water table with umbrella

Water Table With Umbrella | Best 1 For Your Kids | Review And Analysis

Water Table With Umbrella | Best For Your Kids | Review And Analysis

Technology has provided an infinite number of ways for children to get entertained in the 21st century. At the top of this lengthy list of instruments of entertainment lies the television. But as parents, we want them to get outside, see the sun and feel it wash over them. We long to see the kids experience the outdoors, even from a tender age and also develop motor skills through play.

Best Water Tables With Umbralla At A Glance

Step 2 Splish Splash Sea Water Table with Umbrella

Step 2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table with Umbrella

Fiesta Cruise Sand and Water Table

There is no greater incentive for them to do all these than the prospect of splashing some water around and getting wet with friends. Interestingly, man’s ingenuity has also provided a perfect tool to make this happen: the children’s water table.

An average water table is structured like a mini bathtub. Most aren’t designed for children to get in them, but they still provide loads of fun by allowing kids to fill them with water and then letting their imaginations takeover! If you are looking to provide your kids with a great outdoor experience while also providing them with shade, water tables with umbrellas are your best bets. Luckily for you, three of the best ones have been shortlisted and reviewed to make your decision-making process shorter and less tedious.

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Step 2 Splish Splash Sea Water Tables with Umbrella

If you were to make a checklist of all the features a great water table with an umbrella should have, this one would tick all the boxes. First, its dimensions of 25 x 42 inches make it possible for as many as four children to play with it simultaneously. Its height of 30 inches also makes it a perfect plaything for both toddlers and older kids. Not to mention the 42-inch umbrella that provides ample cover from intense sunlight.

Shall we take a look at the more fun-facilitating features? It has several built-in structures like a diving board, water slide, a side springboard that provides an extra bit of fun by launching the action figures dropped on it into the pool and a water spinner that can be turned vigorously to create whirlpools within the tub. Speaking of action figures, the Splish Splash water table comes with 10 dynamic accessories.

Also, a small attached bucket lies within the table. Your little one can fill it with water and watch it empty itself into the main pool. There is also a mini pool and an island which can serve as useful storytelling and roleplaying tools during playdates.

If you’re also looking for a structure that can catch and hold the attention of kids between 18 months and 5 years, then this new fountain ticks that box too. Isn’t it just perfect? Plus, when the kids are done with the “splishing” and splashing, cleaning up after them will be more comfortable due to the open drain plug fixed in the main pool.

Key Features

  • Main drain plug
  • Water spinner and side springboard for more fun
  • Spacious deck


  • Large umbrella for shade
  • Creative features to promote a wide range of play activities
  • It has excellent height for children and infants


  • Draining the mini pool poses difficulty due to the absence of drainage

Step 2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table with Umbrella

Take sand and water out of any outdoor experience for the kids, and they might consider such an experience a dour one. Insert both water and sand you’ll be creating a kids’ paradise. This is what the Cascading Cove Sand and water table help you do with its dual basins designed to accommodate water and sand. Plugs are fixed in each basin to keep sand and water in and to drain them when it’s time to clean up.

While the 24 x 42-inch table might not be the biggest around, it has peculiar qualities the kids are sure to find entertaining. Amongst such features are its 6 water and sand themed accessories consisting of two boats, double-sided rake, shovel and cup for the sand compartment. It also has built-in pathways to expand the playing possibilities and provide more excitement.

The kids can pretend to be pirates at sea on a treasure hunt, then move to the sand compartment and begin to dig for the said treasure. Better still they could pretend to be sailors lost at sea, waiting on an island to be rescued. They could be anyone!

Also, you need not fret, the table’s structure is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, it is just right for children who are aged 18 months – 5 years. There is an extra benefit attached to buying Cascading Cove, it comes with a lid which provides an additional playing platform. In other words, proper fun for everyone!

Key Features

  • Sand and water basins
  • Lid that can also serve as an additional playing surface
  • Drain plugs in the sand and water tubs


  • It can be cleaned easily
  • Its structure opens up a wide range of play activities


  • It comes with few additional toys

Fiesta Cruise Sand and Water Table

We have literally saved the best for the last, and you had better believe it. The Fiesta Cruise is truly a special water table because of its unique ship-like shape. It’s designed to help trigger the wild imaginations of children and help them have a good time with water and other toys.

One of the most riveting elements it possesses is a spiral slide that looks like something from those water parks with humongous water slides. Kids can have fun by watching their action figures slide from the top all the way down to the ship-shaped pool. This slide is also surrounded by mini slides which are less exciting but extremely handy.

The slides aren’t the only great things about the water table, it also two compartments for sand and water! Just when you thought it can’t get any better, right? Save some awe for what is coming next though. The table’s lid is shaped like a ship’s deck, so it forms the perfect covering for the sand compartment and really gives the toy a brilliant feel.

With its dimensions resting at 39.5 x 26.5 x 28 inches and its weight at 20 pounds, it is safe to call the Fiesta Cruise a fun machine. To cap it up, our fun machine comes with 9 additional toys and a cool looking umbrella. Now you can breathe.

Key Features

  • Ship-like outlook
  • Double compartments for water and sand
  • Fun features like spiral slides, springboard and additional play figures


  • Comes with numerous cool features
  • Supports water and sand


  • It cannot accommodate so many kids


Are you a dad or a mom reading this? It’s time to score some valuable points with your little one, you know, to get into his or her good books (wink). Any of these delightful water tables would do the trick, really. But we’ve highlighted four of the best so you can at least choose from an array of decent options. You should know though, the only “thank you” we value is the thrill of your kids, so make it happen by snapping up one of these fun machines.