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Unusual Outdoor Toys | Best 1 For Your Kids | Discussion And Analysis

It’s convenient to perch on our parenting towers or hills and stamp our authority on matters involving the kids from way up there. We can force them to do what we want. Don’t get me wrong, at times the hammer needs to come down, and they need to know who’s in charge (like when they don’t want to eat their vegetables). (And here comes the big “but”) But sometimes, these kids just need to be understood and not merely compelled. 

Best Unusual Outdoor Toys | At A Glance

SpikeBall Game Set

Step 2 Naturally Playful Loo​kout Treehouse

Hazli Outdoor Tree Swing

Rollplay Nighthawk – 12 volt kids ride on toys

Kids love to have their imaginations stretched and just playing hide and seek or soccer in the yard soon becomes redundant, but there’s a way to get around this. You can make your kids super excited about going outside by merely getting them thrilling outdoor toys. Are you wondering what such toys look like and how you can get them? Not too worry, you’ve come to the right place!

Details Of Some Unique Outdoor Toys

SpikeBall Game Set

One of the primary reasons why you want the kids outside is so they can get some much-needed exercise and also develop physical skills like coordination, balance, and other excellent motor skills. But what if you could get them to do this and also thoroughly enjoy the process? That would be a double-win, not so? Well, the spike ball game set can help you, and the kids grab that double-win!

The game set includes a net stand with fold-able legs that provide a sturdy base for the net and allow quick setup and pack-up of the stand. The net stand is placed horizontally on the ground, so it sorts of looks like a trampoline. A 12-inch inflatable yellow ball, a drawstring bag for convenient transportation and a detailed rule-book complete the entire package.

The game spurs a lot of movement and excitement. It can be enjoyed by little children, teenagers and even adults; you know, in case you choose to join in the fun. But of course, to enjoy the game, you need the game set and all the enabling features it offers.

Key Features

· Fold-able legs for a sturdy base

· Adjustable net


· It is easy to set up and use

· It provides a healthy way to have fun since players have to move a lot and also physically exert themselves.

· Promotes hand-eye coordination


· Using the set might be difficult for children lacking certain abilities

Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Tree-house

Kids love a beautiful looking house where they can go into other toys and role play. The elegant Step 2 Tree-house fits the bill perfectly. It’s a 66.5 x 25 x 57.5-inch theater of brilliant dreams and limitless possibilities.

The playhouse’s solid structure guarantees your kids safety and balances while they enjoy themselves. It is fitted with a platform that is just 19 inches high so climbing in is quite convenient, and the possibility of serious falls happening is significantly low, so your heart’s not going to be skipping beats as you watch the kids play.

Perhaps the playhouse’s most impressive fixture is the periscope that allows kids to spy on their environment. Interestingly, it turns 180 degrees, so that’s more space to be examined and ultimately, more fun to be had. See why this piece of work makes our list of the best unusual toys out there?

Key Features

· Shingled roof

· A stout structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions

· A periscope that turns 180 degrees


· Portable and safe

· It’s durable

· It stimulates the kids’ imagination

· Easy to set up


· It has little space for movement

Hazli Outdoor Tree Swing

Who says the kids have to go to the park before they can enjoy a nice long ride on a swing? Certainly not the manufacturers of the Hazli Outdoor Swing, for they have developed a ride that you can set up in your backyard. You can bring the park home to the kids; well, some of it.

The 8.45-pound swing can be hooked to a strong tree or a swing set. It comes with four sturdy ropes that are adjustable so you can select a height that suits the kids and cool looking flags that can be attached to the ropes to add some beauty to the setup.

The sitting area is a round surface made of steel frames, soft foams and covered with significantly sturdy fabrics. All these combine to give a framework that can comfortably bear weight reaching up to 400 pounds. It is also worth mentioning that the sitting area provides excellent comfort to its users who can be as young as 3 months old!

Key Features

· Durable materials that are can withstand harsh weather

· Adjustable ropes

· Great weight-holding capacity


· Easy to put together

· Highly long-lasting


                                              · Supports minimal play activities                                         

Rollplay Nighthawk – 12 volt kids ride on toys

There are cool toys, and then there is the Roll-play Ride-on which is simply in a class of its own. It’s the sort of toy that gets kids gasping and pointing vigorously in the mall. So, if you are looking for an unusual outdoor toy, the kids will always want to play with, this is your best bet.

The Role-play Ride-on is a battery-powered, single passenger skateboard like a plaything that allows riders sit and glide past obstacles at speeds reaching up to 6 mph. The adrenaline rush that accompanies rides taken on this toy is almost addictive and would likely have your kids begging to have another go! 

Steering the toy is also quite easy because of its elegant design and wheels. All the rider has to do is lean to the right or left to avoid obstacles, make turns and twists. See? The entire maneuvering process can be mastered by anyone. Though it weighs around 20lbs, it can bear weight as high as 110lbs. You should also know that the toy is recommended for children aged 6 and above. 

The thought of having your kid on a moving platform probably gives you jitters but don’t sweat it, this toy is pretty safe. Handlebars have been provided to keep your little one from being thrown off, and a visible red flag makes it easy to spot a rider from a reasonable distance. With the kids restricted to the garden or park, there should be no problem at all.

Key Features

· Handlebars for safety

· 12v battery that lasts two hours

· Easy to use start and stop pedals


· Steering is easy

· Safety mechanisms are available


· You might need to purchase protective gear


Nagging is such a lame parenting technique, so quit doing it. Instead, use empathetic and thoughtful methods to help create a situation where everyone wins when you and your kids seem to have reached an impasse on an issue. If the issue happens to be about going outside to play, then fun toys can help solve the problem. So, go on and choose any of the Unique Outdoor Toys reviewed in this article and watch the kids scurry off to play outdoors whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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