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Toy Tow Trucks | Best Guides To Choose | Top 10

Kids are often thrilled at the sight of real trucks. This explains why they can’t seem to get enough of the toy tow truck. In contrast to the popular opinion that tow trucks are mere toys which are apt at distracting kids from vices such as crying or fighting. A kid’s tow truck has more to it. In the course of pushing around a toys, kids tend to sharpen their imaginations and engage in creative plays. Also, they learn social skills while sharing their trucks with other kids. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by buying your kids a tow truck.

In light of the understanding that selecting a toy truck is no easy task, the best toy tow trucks available are discussed below in our review. Let’s dive into it.

Some Great Trucks : At A Glance

​Gizmovine Toy Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker Tow Truck

Tonka Steel Retro Tow Truck

Bruder 02815 MACK Granite Dump Truck

Hess 2019 Toy Truck – Tow Truck Rescue Team

Top Race Remote Control Construction Dump Truck Toy

Disney Pixar Cars Tow Truckin’ Mater Vehicle

Remote Control Military Jeep

Bruder 02812 Mack Granite Rear Loading Garbage Truck

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1. Hess 2019 Toy Truck – Tow Truck Rescue Team

Hess 2019 Toy Truck features LED lights totaling 60 and 4 distinct sounds. This toy tow truck is capable of handling any towing activities your kids have in store. Further, it comes in colors white and green, kids of 7 months and above is fit to play with it.

2. Bruder 02815 MACK Granite Dump Truck

The Bruder granite dump truck is not so different from its real-life version. However, its dominant colors are color yellow and blue. Likewise, kids ideal for towing with the truck are those in the bracket of 36 months to 10 years. The Bruder 02815 MACK Granite Dump Truck has the added advantage of being appropriate for indoor and outdoor play.

3. Disney Pixar Cars Tow Truckin’ Mater Vehicle

This truck is manufactured for kids aged 36 months to 7 years. Also, it features its Disney signature moves coupled with a rumbling engine and the tow lines when active.

4. HIBRO RC Car Army Toy Remote Control Military Truck

The HIBRO RC military truck is designed in the form of an army military Jeep. It has a sturdy body that enables it to resists all manners of military action it is used for. It also has a maximum speed of 9.5 MPH, while its remote control device can extend for as long as 100 meters. It is suitable for kids and adults.

5. Bruder 02812 Mack Granite Rear Loading Garbage Truck

This truck contains lots of real-life effects. For instance, it is possible to open its doors. Further, when the engine bonnet is tilted, its engine block is revealed. There are new dustbins available in it; this is coupled with its recycling and waste management effects. As such, kids are drawn into the activities involved in garbage loading and disposal.

​6. Bruder 02538 MB Sprinter UPS Truck with Driver & Accessories Vehicles

Bruder’s MB sprinter UPS truck is suitable for kids from 4 years upward. It is usable indoors and outdoors and made from standard quality ABS plastics. The Sprinter UPS Truck features a double-part rear door. At the same time, the UPS driver attached to the truck is dressed in the company’s uniform.

​7. DEERC RC Car High -Speed Remote Control Car + MPH 4WD Off-Road Monster

The tires of this high-speed remote control car are particularly tough. Likewise, the tyres possess metal springs that give support to the wheels. This feature makes it suitable to drive in any terrain. It has a driving time ranging from 20 to 30 minutes with a speed of 40 Km/hr.

​8. Mack Granite Tanker Truck

The tanker of Mack granite truck is quite similar to what is obtainable in reality. The tanker has a compressed – air pump, a hose, and a draining unit. Other features of the truck include foldable outer mirrors, open able doors, and bonnets, to state a few. It is appropriate for kids aged 4 to 15 years.

The decision to buy a tow truck is not as easy as strolling into a mall and exiting with one. Certain factors are worth considering. An example is the visual effect of the tow truck. Kids will always be attracted to colors such as red, yellow, and blue, which are known as primary colors. Furthermore, the presence of battery induced movements and sounds increases the interest of kids in tow trucks. Other factors to consider are the size and ease of playing with the truck.

Good enough, these features and more are available in the above-listed trucks. Thus, these trucks are the best companions for kids as they keep them entertained for an extended period.

​9. RC Truck 1

​RC Truck 1 is an electronic waterproof truck that generates a top speed of up to 36km/hr. At the same time, driving it through any terrain is possible as it is built with a shock absorber to conquer complex territories. Furthermore, it possesses features such as lithium battery, standard data cable, sturdy rubber tires, and full-vehicle transmission bearings, among others. It is a durable truck that promises to keep your keeps engaged for long.

​10. NEW 24 Volt Thunder Tank Ride-On

The New 24 Volt is ideal for kids of 3 months and above. Kids can quickly get in the illusion of being warriors trying to save the day when riding on this truck. Its features are also engaging. For instance, it comes with a reverse speed and two forward speeds. It also has a swivel machine gun, coupled with sounds and lights, among other features.

​11. Battle Brick Army Stryker Vehicle

​Your kids will remain in awe at the sight of Battle Brick Stryker. It is, however, worthy of note that kids under the age of 3 are not suitable to play with it. The complete set of a Battle Brick Army Stryker vehicle features 275 LEGO pieces, a building guide, a detachable roof, 7 mini-figures, machine gun to state a few.