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Toddler Music Player | Best 8 For Your Sweet kids

Toddler Music Player | Best 8 For Your Sweet kids

Cartoons, nursery rhymes, music, kid’s songs, and bedtime stories form an integral part of any kid’s daily routine. While the T.V. or the tablet screen entertain your kid for much of the waking hours, it might take it’s a toll on the eyes and might make your kid less attracted to physical activities.

​You might rely on your smartphone to play that favorite track to your kid, but it has its own drawbacks, for a smartphone is not a music player and cannot be left with your kid. Toddler mp3 music player today are more than the sizeable fixed tabletop sets, that they used to be. Technology today has made it possible to make them portable, mobile, and kids friendly. From music players for babies to CD, SD card, MP3 players specially designed for toddlers, you can easily trust one for your child.

​Best Toddler Music Players at a Glance

Alilo Sweet Bunny

Biebies Tunes

Tyler Portable Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio

Auna Roadie

Penguin Karaoke Buddy

Wiwoo MP3 Player for Kids

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids

Let your kid develop a taste for music with these fantastic music players for babies.

​ Alilo Sweet Bunny

The Sweet Bunny from the house of Ailio is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered children’s MP3 player. With a playback time of five hours on a single charge, it comes preloaded with more than twenty nursery rhymes and bedtime stories. With the storage of 4 G.B. and the recording feature, you can store up to 500 tracks or record songs, rhymes, and bedtime stories in your own voice.

​The HI-FI dual magnetic speaker produces crystal clear sound. The body is made of drop-resistant high-quality ABS plastic that makes the product durable. The volume control buttons are easily operable. With repeat, auto sleep, child lock, and white noise features. The player is truly kid-friendly. The adorable design with grown in the dark ears when pinched will surely make your kid fall in love with the music player.

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​ Biebies Tunes

The Biebies Tunes is a music player, which allows you to record songs or stories in your own voice or download and store your kids’ favorite music.  The rechargeable toddler mp3 player has a playback time of five hours with a single charge of thirty minutes.

Made of food-grade FDA approved silicone, it is non-toxic and makes it an ideal teething toy. It is lightweight and has a portable design. The player comes preloaded with sing-along lullabies and has three auto stop slots of 15, 30, and 45 minutes, no questions asked refund and exchange policy with a 30-day warranty. With white noise and glow lights, the player can be the best bedtime companion for your baby.


​ Tyler Portable Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio

This boombox from the house of Tyler is a complete full function music player with AM/ FM radio. It is top-loading soft open and has AUX and headphone jack in line. Play your kids’ favorite CD or plug in your digital music player. The full array of features like the 16/19 track programmable memory, LCD display, One-touch Random/ Shuffle payback, makes it a real CD player. The capable telescopic antenna makes playing the radio worthwhile. With the two way power, it is portable. It is a stereo CD player with all the features that make a great CD player.


​ Auna Roadie

This portable CD cum MP3 player is highly versatile. With Bluetooth, AUX, FM/AM radio, and headphone jack, it is the complete music player a kid can have. It has two-way power with six C batteries for outdoor use while it can be plugged in a standard socket while indoors. The attractive design, coupled with the changing LED display lights of this ​music player makes it eye-catching. With a memory list of twenty tracks and smooth and easily operable control buttons, auna Roadie can be the complete music player for your toddler.


​ Penguin Karaoke Buddy

The Penguin Karaoke buddy is a music player with preset melodies for the tiny tots. Equipped with a toy microphone and one-touch buttons that make the crowd roar and applause, lends an echo effect to the voice and mixes animal sound with the track, this music player is a sure hit with the young one.

​With an attractive design and eye-catching bright LED lights flashing with the music, it is sure to arrest the attention of your kid. The player is powered by two A.A. batteries and has play, pause, skip buttons in addition to separate pins for echo, applause, and animal sounds. Penguin Karaoke Buddy can be the perfect music player to introduce your little one to music and showbiz.

​ Wiwoo MP3 Player for Kids

An MP3 music player with a 1.8″ LCD display from the house of Wiwoo, the Wiwoo MP3 player for kids, can be an ideal choice for parents wanting to make learning more fun. The attractive and kid-friendly keypad design, crystal clear sound, and display make it suitable for arresting your kids’ attention for hours. With a built-in memory of 8 G.B. that can be extended upon 128 GB, it has ample memory for thousands of songs and hours of audiobooks.

The player can be connected to any AM/ FM station of the region or one can opt to watch or read. It has three preinstalled classic games and has a voice recorder. A charge of three hours enables forty hours of audio playback and four hours of video streaming. Wiwoo MP3 player for kids can be an ideal gift to help toddlers learn and develop a taste in music.

​VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

An interactive music player designed to introduce your kid to music while learning the letters, instruments, animals, and numbers. The VTech Rock and Bop Music player comes with hundreds of restored songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. The music player doubles as a game with twenty restored games designed to hone your kids’ motor skills. Equipped with a child-safe headphone, the music player is powered by two AAA batteries. This portable music player can help your child to learn and have fun at the same time.

​ AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids

A music player with a 2.4-inch colored screed is packed with all the modern features. The MP3 player has a built-in memory of 8 G.B. that can be expanded up to 128 GB with a Micro SD card. The player supports almost all popular audio formats, AVI and AMV video formats, and TXT eBook format. Touted as an edutainment device, it offers excellent audio and visual output. A single charge of three hours can provide up to forty hours of audio playback. The player comes with a one-year free replacement warranty. This music player is sure to make learning and music fun.

Toddler MP3 Boom Box

Toddler MP3 boom box are multi-functional musical devices that is transforming kids between the age of 1- 4 to becoming serious. Music enthusiast. One of which you will find fascinating is the eKids Mother Goose Club Bluetooth music player. 

This musical device is designed to store up to 16 hours of music i.e. (100s of songs) with 1Gb of in-built memory. With this you can sing along and play whatever you like for your kids’ excitement or entertainment.


  • Real microphone: With this component, kids can do their own stage performance in front of their family audience, singing their favourite songs or telling stories.
  • ​E-Kids Mother Goose Club will also make a perfect gift for your kids due to its portability.
  • Bluetooth connetions : Favourite kid’s songs can be streamed from other external device via Bluetooth for more entertainment.


Toddler MP3 Player with Speaker

This speaker are usually compact musical devices that enables sound emission of the highest quality. Speakers attached to the device allows you bring the party to your home. An example from one of these products is the Singcube mp3 player with speaker!

The Singcube is a 10-Watt rechargeable Bluetooth Karaoke machine with lights, microphones and voice changer. It also has a 10-Watt speaker and filtered output is best for all kinds of musical genres.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: To enjoy your personal playlist, the enabling Bluetooth connectivity, technological placement which allows for epic output usage of Tablet, mobiles and laptops in a click of streaming.
  • Integrated battery: it carries an in-built battery so you cannot be limited by wires and the battery has a durability of 4 hours on a single charge. 
  • Voice effect: With the horning, whining and interchangeable ability of voice effect, this karaoke machine has a lot of funny stuff to amaze and amuse your kids. With six voice changing effect; it means that you can pretend to be someone else and have independent controls that enables you to perfect your sound.
  • Microphone included: This enables a stage performing entertainment by kids either as comedian or presentation of songs and stories.  

Toddler Music Player with Headphones

Music is a very powerful tool both for educational and entertainment purposes. And children have come to love music as much as their adult counterpart. Though music devices for adults should not be given to children doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a great musical time! That’s why you should get the toddler music players for your kid.

One of such players is the Wiwoo kids MP3 player with headphones! Wiwoo MP3 player is an 8Gb 5 star rated MP3 player for toddlers which may come in different shapes or sizes. It is built up in a way that it can also be of attraction simply by the various colour arrays beautifully painted on them.


  • It has an elongated rectangular design that made it easy to hold.
  • With long battery life on large storage.  Music playing time can last up to 30 hours with just two hours full charged.
  • Multi-music playing method: Wiwoo mp3 player comes not only with headphones but also with a built in FM radio with a range distance of (8.75-108mHz).

Nursery Rhyme Player for Toddlers

Check Price Here

Nowadays Kids taste have increased sporadically, thereby making them very difficult to please. However, the nursery rhyme players for toddlers serve as a good means to keep their attention for long. Now there are varieties of nursery rhymes players, but the DITTY Birds is one to look out for.

This an award-winning interactive book series, that includes 17 amazing illustrated musicals and sound for infants.


  • Ditty have increases language and speaking ability of kids, since it sings out loud at every flipping of a page.
  • It enables Pre-literacy skills to be strengthened among toddlers as it only contains sound of educational enlightenment for kids.


Toddlers music player can introduce the concept of harmony and synchrony. It can help a child to develop emotionally and mentally. The right music player for your toddler will surely help in his growth and development.