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Puzzles for Toddlers

Top 6 Puzzles for Toddlers | Best Product Reviews

Toys are everyday items that most parents use to keep their kids active, busy, and engaged. For most parents, toys are used to gain some degree of control—to either keep the child quiet or put in one place for the desired period. However, toys could do be more than just being a distraction. They develop the mental and social parts of your child’s life. However, this depends on the type of toy you buy. 

Puzzles have traditionally been the best toys for kids’ mental and social development. Puzzles develop the creativity, critical thinking, manipulative, and sorting abilities of your child. There are numerous types of puzzles in the market. But don’t worry about the threshold. We’ve picked out the top six puzzles for toddlers they will love- Now lets dive in with number 1

Top 6 Puzzles For Toddlers : At a Glance

Melissa And Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle Pack

​ Beginagain Toddler Numbers And Letters Puzzle

Marbotic Smart Letters For Tablets

Hoovy Premium Baby Peg Puzzle Pack

Romance Filters Wooden Learning Puzzle


Melissa and Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle Pack is a phenomenal woodenpuzzle for toddlers. It designed with everything that could engage the curiosity of your child and give them an early imaginative, creative, and hands-on experience.

This puzzle is highly rated and versatile. It contains 6 different puzzle boards or peg puzzles for numbers, alphabets, safari, pets, vehicles, and farms with pictures underneath to help them recognize each match. The puzzle pieces are made of wood and are large enough to ensure the safety of your child. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle is an “all-in-one” package for your toddler.

​​Beginagain Toddler Numbers And Letters Puzzle

BeginAgain Toddler Numbers and Letter Puzzle is a blend of beauty, education, and creativity. This puzzle helps your child to develop good motor, eye coordination, and hands-on skills. It has 41 colorful pieces that are put together to form a chameleon and a butterfly.

These pieces consist of 15 first numbers and 26 English alphabets in both upper and lower cases. They are made from wood and furnished with colorful, non-toxic, and water-resistant paint, which makes it one of the best wooden puzzles. It needs no batteries and requires only curiosity and creativity to work. 

BegonAgain Toddlers Numbers and Letters are durable, lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to play with for toddlers. 


Marbotic Smart Letters For Tablets is a combination of the traditional wooden puzzle and technology. Although this puzzle contains only letters, you can supplement it with numbers by purchasing the Marb otic Smart Numbers too.

It comes with these lightweight wooden letter pieces and access to freely download 4 educational puzzles for toddler’s apps into your tablets or iPad. Once these apps are installed, your child will only need to place the letters on the touchscreen of your tablet, and you’ll see the versatile magic. The tablets give sounds automatically teach your child the pronunciation of letters, shapes, and simple words. These apps also give you access to numerous free puzzles with subsequent updates. 

MarboticSmart toys engage the mind and hands of your kid. They are crafted to gently interact with the touchscreen so that your child doesn’t destroy the tab. These toy pieces require no batteries, Wi-Fior Bluetooth connection, and the Apps are compatible with numerous iPads and tablets.

It could be turned into a floor puzzle for toddlers before you install the toddlers’ puzzle app or when your tablet is down. This puzzle also helps your child to master many of words and learn to read.

 Hoovy Premium Baby Peg Puzzle Pack

Hoovy Premium Baby Peg Puzzle comes with 6 different puzzles to suit the versatile curiosity of your toddler and quickly improve their cognitive social and physical development. This puzzle pack includes problems for sorting alphabets, numbers, dinosaurs, vehicles, shapes, and sea life. 

Each of these 6 puzzles has unique, brilliant, and child-friendly colors and themes. The pieces of this puzzle are tremendous, comfortable grasp, and come with easygoing pegs that make them easy to use. Besides, the pack also includes a large storage rack that keeps your pieces together and prevents them from getting lost easily.

Hoovy Premium Baby Beg Puzzle packs give your toddler something beyond fun and work. It educates both their minds and brains and prepares your kid for pre-nursery or nursery school. It is one of the best puzzles with toddlers online

 Begin-again Animal Parade Letter Puzzle

Begin-Again Animal Parade Animal Letter Puzzle is a combination of awesomeness, creativity, and education. It ends in a colorful animal story that begins from placing the 26 English letters in the right order from A to Z. Each puzzle piece is designed in the shape of a specific animal that bears the upper and lower cases of the first letter of its name.Enter your text here…

The pieces of this educational puzzle are made from Eco-friendly rubber-wood and made water-resistant with non-toxic wood stain. They are lightweight, attractive, and safe to play with. Also, this puzzle play is powered by your toddler’s creativity, imaginative prowess, and curiosity. 

Begin-Again Animal Parade Letter Puzzle is startling, once your child completes it from alligator to zebra. It is one of the best puzzles with toddlers by intent and content. 

Romance Filters Wooden Learning Puzzle

Romance Filters Wooden Learning Puzzle is another excellent educational toy, especially for younger toddlers. This puzzle pack comes with five boards: one large commission for the 26 English alphabets and then four other boards for different animals. In each puzzle, the colors are vivid, bright, and attractive.

The pieces of this puzzle are perfect for small fingers. They are sturdy, sizeable, smooth, and large enough to prevent swallowing. They are made with eco-friendly wood and finished with water-based, non-toxic paints. It comes with a big bag for packing everything after use, which makes it long-lasting. 

RomanceFilterWooden Learning Puzzle is designed to help your child identify numbers and colors; build logical thinking skills; improve motor skills, and develop a great deal of focus and patience.


Toddlers have unsatisfied curiosity and a deep passion for trying and learning new things. They have a tremendous cognitive prowess that could be engaged to make them bright and smart for life ahead. Puzzles remain a powerful tool for early childhood, mental, social, and educational development. However, finding the right puzzle for your toddler may be daunting due to the high market quantity. We have helped you by picking the six best puzzles for toddlers among-st the multiple puzzles available through onlineMake your choice; in any case, with these puzzles, you are safe.

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