how to make baby mobiles

How To Make Baby Mobiles — 5 Awesome Ideas

How To Make Baby Mobiles : 5 Awesome Ideas

Baby mobiles are perfect companions of babies and expose babies to instrumental sounds; project different baby-related objects; produce lights and; brightens the eyes of babies. Baby mobiles are colorful, and they complete a baby crib. It isn't any wonder that a parent need to know how to make baby mobiles.

However, every child is unique. Their reaction to sound, colors, light, and, projections differ. Finding a baby mobile that will perfectly fit your baby crib and needs may be an uphill task. You understand the needs of your baby better than any manufacturer. So, you can be the manufacturer of your baby’s mobile. You can choose the color, sound, image, and light that meet your baby preferences with these simple DIY projects.---

This article will show you a few colorful ideas and, cute concepts to get you started. It will walk you through on procedure to make baby mobiles. 

The Materials

You don’t need some exceptional skills or years of experience to have a DIY baby mobile. You only need to be creative around the materials at your disposal. You could use stock papers, ribbons, balloons, and objects. 

Each of these materials could be manipulated into different shapes, depending on what you want to make. However, choose a material that is affordable, durable, baby-friendly, and, one that gives you multiple options in terms of colors.

Best Baby Mobiles : At a Glance

Awesome Concepts related to Baby Mobiles

1. Amazing Whale Baby Mobiles

  • This baby mobile concept is easy and cheap to make. Stock or construction papers are used to make whale baby mobiles. Grab your scissors and paper; let’s get started with the tutorials.
  • Cut out different sizes of whale shapes, from different colors of paper. You can use a Silhouette to create the forms on the pieces of papers, and cut out with scissors or craft cutter.
  •  Wrap the metal hoop with yarn or paint with the color of your choice.
  • Cut your twine into different sizes and, sandwich them in between two whales using a strong glue.
  • Tie each string (having a whale shape) on the metal hoop and use twine to tie on the ceiling over your baby crib. And the Whale baby mobile is all set.
  • Whale baby mobiles bring that water movements and feelings to your baby.

2. Jungle Safari Baby Mobiles

  • These baby mobiles take babies to the animal kingdom. Safari Baby Mobiles are DIY-friendly. Let’s get started.
  • Use a template to cut out the parts of the animals you want on your Safari Baby Mobile. Use a felting tool or needle and thread to put the pieces together until you have your lion, zebra, elephant, snake, etc. ready.
  • Secure the animals to the yarn by threading the yarn through the animal. Create a knot until the animal figure is secured.
  •  You can add paper leaves on the yarn to make it look natural.
  • ·Wrap your metal hoop with a brown ribbon or yarn. You can use the woods.
  • Carefully tie the yarn, holding each animal figure to the hoop or wood and let them hang freely.
  • Fasten your mobile to your ceiling above your baby crib and watch your baby enjoy the sights and movements.

3.Purple Baby Mobiles

  • Purple color appeals much too female babies and most purple baby mobiles are fondly called baby girl mobiles. These mobiles could be made at home—precisely for your girl child.
  • Purple baby mobile concepts are unlimited. You only need to use purple colored materials, and your DIY baby mobile will also become a baby girl mobile. However, let’s do something different using pink stock papers.
  • Use a compass of different sizes to draw circles on your pink stock paper and cut out with scissors.
  • Use a hole punch to create holes in the center of your circle-shape paper.
  • Use white or purple yarn. Cut it into different sizes and glue it to your paperback to forth through the hole.
  • Tie all the thread evenly on a metal hoop or ring. You could wrap the circle with a purple ribbon.
  • Hang your baby mobile with a sturdy rope above your baby crib or sleeping space.

4.Pottery Barn Baby Mobiles

  • Pottery Barn stores have many baby mobiles that would inspire your creativity. Let’s look at one of these pottery barn baby mobiles and learn how you could do some DIY pottery barn baby mobiles. One of them is the Pottery Barn Inspired Star Baby Mobiles.
  • Cut out different sizes of stars with scissors from a stock paper.
  • Wrap the metal hoop with yarn or paint with the color of your choice.
  • Cut your twine into different sizes and, sandwich them in between two stars using strong glue.
  • Tie each cord (having a star-shaped paper) on the metal hoop and use twine to tie on the ceiling over your baby crib.
  • Pottery barn DIY baby mobiles save your money and allow you choose a preferred concept.


You can make any baby mobile you love. Get started today. Your view is important, do leave one for us now and let us know which baby mobile you will try out for your little loved ones.