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How To Keep Baby From Sweating In Car Seat – Top 10 Tips

How To keep Baby From Sweating In Car Seat

Car seats help parents and caregivers carry their infants and toddlers around conveniently and easily. With a car seat, you can safely strap your baby inside a car. 

Furthermore, most car seats are designed with heavy padding to protect your baby from injuries in the case of an accident. Although these materials help to keep the baby safe, they may also become a source of heat as a result kids sweating in car seat or fell uncomfortable.

Nowadays, most manufacturers use breathable materials like mesh to design car seats. While these fabrics help to keep the baby cool, there are other ways to keep your baby from sweating in car seat. 

Best Ways To Keep Baby From Sweating In Car Seat

  • Try cooling the car before putting the baby in the car seat.
  • If possible, schedule your trips before 10.30 am or after 4 pm when the sun is not at its peak.
  • Always park your car under a shade.
  • Attach a car seat sunshade to the window to protect your baby from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Use a  appropriate baby car seat cooler
  • Tint your car windows.
  • Use a noggle.
  • Wear light dresses for your baby.
  • Leave the window slightly open 
  • Place an evaporative cooling towel on your baby’s lap.
  • Use car seat travel tray to get enough space for keeping baby essentials 

Some Reasons why sweating in car seat happens may include

  • Car seat padding- padding of the car seat maybe uncomfortable during summer weather or when the car heating system is turned up a bit too high. Also, the friction produced between your child’s back and the padding of the seat causes heat.
  • Belt restrictions- In some other case, the child may be uncomfortable because of the restrictions on the belt and panic. Some babies can cry through the whole journey. This can result in the baby sweating in the car seat.
  • No adequate air conditioning- For long journeys or trips, without adequate air conditioning or natural breeze, your child will most likely grow uncomfortable in the car seat and begin to sweat. Some babies sweat as a result of discomfort or anxiety. Some parts of their body, such as hands and feet, might be standard temperature, but their back and forehead might be sweaty along with other parts of their body that are covered.
  • Over dressing the baby- your baby might be a little overdressed for the weather or for the confined space of the car seat. Try to avoid wrapping your child up in blankets and thick materials if it is unnecessary. This can cause discomfort, which could eventually lead to crying. When a baby spends so much time crying and occasionally screaming, it takes a lot of energy out of them. The tears might trigger sweat which will overall lead to your child sweating profusely in the car seat.
  • Attention seekers- Children seek parent’s attention most times. And if they are not adequately occupied in the car seat, they might fuss and try to get your attention while driving. Which could be dangerous for your overall safety, also. If your child gets frustrated from failed attempts to get your attention, he or she might begin to cry and sweat in the process.
  • Seatbelt material- Some car safety seats for children might also be made of materials that your child might find uncomfortable to lean against. These materials might not be able to absorb the body sweat, or they might aggravate it. Material may even cause allergy and itchiness to babies.
  • A baby sweating in the car seat might also be as a result of sickness or uneasiness. Before going on trips, ensure that your child is in good health.
  • However, when you place your baby in a rear facing car seat, the air condition may not hit him directly. This may cause your baby to get sweaty and uncomfortable. Excessive sweat and heat may lead to skin redness, outbreaks and skin rashes.

    some ways to keep your baby cool in a re​​​​ar facing car seat are:

    Use a cooling towel:  

    Make the towel wet and place it on your baby’s lap. And evaporating cooling towel keeps your baby cool, reduces excess heat and prevents your kids from sweating in the car seat.

    Use a car seat cooler:

    A car seat cooler looks like an ice pack. You can place it on the car seat, after removing your baby. A best car seat cooler keeps the car seat cool even when the temperature is very high. However, always remember to remove the car seat cooler before placing your child on the car seat. Your baby must never sit directly on the car seat cooler.

    Use a noggle:

    A noggle helps to keep your baby from sweating in the car seat. It is a vent that is connected from the air conditioner to the car seat. This vent is very easy to insta​​ll and is perfect for a rear facing car seat because it directs the flow of air to the baby, making your baby feel comfortable.

    Noggle Set up –  keep baby from sweating in car seat

    Use a car seat fan:

    A car seat fan prevents a baby from sweating in the car seat. Nevertheless, it is suitable for toddlers and older children who can hold the fan to keep themselves cool.It can also be used for babies if an older person is there to hold it. In addition, when buying a car seat fan, it is better to purchase the ones with soft blades.

    Give your baby cool drinks:

    Cool drinks help to reduce heat, hydrate and keep your baby cool on a sunny day.You can give your baby water before and after a ride. However, if your baby must have a drink during a ride, it should be done with adult supervision to prevent choking hazards.

    Use window shades and car seat sunshades:

    Window shades help to protect your baby from UV rays of the sun. It also reduces the amount of heat and sunshine that gets into the car, preventing your baby from sweating in the car seat. Nevertheless, in a situation where the window shade does not protect the car seat enough, you can use a car seat sunshade. A car seat sunshade is like a wrapper you place over the car seat to keep it cool. The car seat sunshade should only be used when the car seat is empty.

    As a parent, try to pay attention to your baby’s behavior in a car seat. If your child is possible car sick during long trips, he or she may cry often and sweat in the process. A child that cries really hard for an extended time will easily get irritated by a lot of things and start sweating profusely.

    Also, note that sweating is a natural body process. Be concerned when it is aggravated by factors you should be worried about, such as uneasiness, sickness, or overdressing.

    Finally, before setting out, ensure the child’s safety seat or car seat is well adjusted, and your child has a safe toy they can play with. If the temperature outside is pretty high, give your child refreshing drinks they can sip on. Try to turn on some familiar, soothing, or relaxing music that might help to calm your baby through the duration of the trip.