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The littlest things excite babies and grab their attention. It's just the way they are; care-free and yet to be burdened by the weightier demands of life. This thrill is often short-lived, though. Soon, they become bored and disinterested. They begin to search for other things worthy of their attention, and you find yourself running over to pet them or play with them again. For that, doorway baby jumpers are the superheroes of baby playthings.

Their unique designs provide fun for babies and relief to parents. All you need do is to attach one to the frame of your doorway, strap your kid in and watch him or her bounce away. A truckload of these things is available on the market and choosing a great one frequently proves difficult. So, we have helped you sieve through countless options and came up with this list of the four best baby jumpers out there.

​Top Doorway Baby Jumpers at a Glance

Details of Doorway Baby Jumper

Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

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The Jolly Jumper has more than just a catchy name. All its other features are just as impressive. Weighing 2.4 pounds and having its dimensions fixed at 18.2 x 8.5 x 2.4 inches, the jumper is suitable for babies aged three months and above. Its minimum and maximum weight recommendations stand at 5 pounds and 28 pounds respectively.

There are several reasons why the Jolly Exerciser made it to our list of the four best baby jumpers, but one that truly sets it apart from other doorway jumpers is the safe freedom it affords its occupant. It's fitted with a Velcro strap and plastic buckle to keep your child strapped in securely. Plus, there are clear instructions and specifications for setting it up to prevent accidents, and its door clamp and springs are sturdy too. All these just so your little one can enjoy comfort, safety and excitement all at the same time.

Key Features
· Unisex design
· Capacious bottom for comfortable sitting
· Sturdy fittings

· Deep sitting area and high chest design that helps keep the baby upright
· Double strap in mechanism to prevent falls

· It is not portable
· The chain that suspends the carrier is short

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

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This is another jumper your baby would fall in love with. And one reason is that it is fitted with a wicked bounce spring that supports relentless jumping. That's lots of bouncing all day long. The 17 x 17 x 80-inch baby jumper doesn't just encourage ceaseless bouncing, its well-constructed door clamp holds the entire material firmly and leaves no mark on your door frame.

Graco's product has some impressive features that are hard to find elsewhere. It comes with a toy tray and two detachable toys which are sure to provide more fun for your little one.

The restraining straps do not twist and save you the stress of spending extra time trying to extract your little one from the carrier. The best jumpers do not only provide excitement for kids, but they are also parents friendly. The Graco Doorway Jumper has such features like the ease with which it can be cleaned and flexible materials that ensure the jumper grows with your child, so you don't have to get a new one anytime soon. It is the total package.

It's also worth noting that the jumper's minimum and maximum weight recommendations are 5.50 and 25 pounds respectively.

Key Features
· Attached toy tray
· Adjustable materials
· No mark door clamp
· Additional toys for more fun

· Grows with the child
· Made of durable and quality materials
· It has a play tray to accommodate more toys

· It doesn't provide head or neck support

Bright Starts Bounce 'N Spring Door Jumper

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If you would prefer a jumper that would provide other means of entertainment apart from bouncing, then you should seriously consider going for the Bright Bounce 'N Spring jumper. It comes with four adjustable toys, including a mirror that would have your little one giggling at the reflection of his or her cute image.

The 72.2 x 13 x 11-inch baby jumper has a lightweight framework that allows you to transport the entire material easily. It doesn't take up so much storage space too. You can also adjust the jumper to suit your baby's height using the adjustable strap.

The Bright Starts Jumper isn't all about fun though. It also provides safety and comfort. Its clamp is secure, and the inside is adorned by a nicely padded seat that's machine friendly. Comfort for your baby and no stress for you.

Its minimum and maximum weight recommendations stand at 0 and 26 pounds respectively.

Key features
· Additional toys
· Lightweight framework
· Padded seat

· Four adjustable toys for more fun
· It has adjustable straps

· Its spring provides little bounce compared to other jumpers

​In conclusion

Doorway jumpers are an economical means to create some healthy excitement for your baby. They provide an opportunity for exercise and muscle development, benefits you can hardly get from other toys. Getting one shouldn't even be up for debate, and that's why we have helped you simplify the answer to the one question you should be asking, which is: ''which do I buy?'' The ball is now in your court, your move is next, the floor is yours. You get the idea.