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Best Play Kitchen Sets 2020 : Top Analysis

Best Play Kitchen Sets : Top Analysis

The new generation of kids is more into electronic devices. They hardly go out to play. Everything related to gaming has come down to mobile and laptop for them. As a parent, we have to be more careful. One such idea is building kitchen set games. There should be no prejudice as both boys and girls play this game with ease. However, it is somewhat time-consuming and hectic to select one play kitchen set from so many options. Do not worry, this guide will help you to select the best possible setting for your kid.

We are reviewing the sets based on different factors. Some of the important factors are durability, design, accessories, playing difficulty, type of material, and skills needed. So, the order listed does not represent the best to better.

Products Comparisons :

​ USA Toyz Play Kitchen Set

​Step 2 Fun with Friends Large Kitchen with 45 Accessory Set

​Kid-Kraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

​ Little Tikes Cook and Grillin’ Goodies Bundle 

​KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set, Large, Multicolor

​Detail Description : Top 6 Play Kitchen Set

1. USA Toy​z Play Kitchen Set

We loved the project because of its design, wooden material, sturdiness, ease of play and assembling difficulty. With 13 accessories in the set, you will find this kitchen set innovative at times as kids can arrange the set in different ways. Wood is nontoxic and as a result, it is highly safe. It is one of the best options if your kid is still very young as it is not complex. Let’s understand its features.


  • Premium Wooden 13 Cookware, utensils, and plate ware

  • Medium difficulty design for better Cognitive ability testing

  • Portable kitchen with no toxic materials

  • Smooth finish with no sharp edges

  • Suitable for kids above age 3

Why choose?

Simplistic design with easy assembling options. Best for beginners.

2. Step 2 Fun with Friends Large Kitchen with 45 Accessory Set

Hands down, it is one of the most beautiful looking kitchen set for girl. The design is so good with different removable parts. Coloring also very beautiful. As each accessory has a different dimension, your kid will not find it very difficult to assemble the set. Because of 45 items, friends can play together. If you want your kid to play with her friends, then this is the best option.


  • Large kitchen sets with quality materials

  • Separate compartments for furry animals and toys

  • Higher assembling skills due to 46 pieces

  • Realistic looking objects

  • The large pass-through window allows kids to play easily

  • Faster clean up time because of large bins and the dish rack

  • Suitable for children above 2 years

Why choose?

Very affordable with 45 accessories without any extra cost. Large accessories with design help your kid. Definitely, the quality play kitchen set when it comes to cost.

3. Kid-Kraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

If you are looking for the great quality play kitchen set 2020 with realistic looks and higher Cognitive functions, then this should be your first choice. The Uni-color design gives the kitchen a royal look. Its interactive ability through light and sound will give better play quality for your kid. The knobs do rotate, doors can be opened, and shelves can be maintained. Different compartments are provided to arrange the accessories such as pans oven, freezer, refrigerator, and pots.


  • Innovative corner design ice-maker and burner

  • The cordless phone provided with a hands-free clip

  • Wood and plastic material for flexible play

  • Realistic sound and light for

  • Suitable for kids over 3 years age

Why choose?

Most realistic looking kitchen in the market. It has an innovative corner design with added accessories.

4. Step2 899399 Espresso Bar Play Kitchen for Kids

If you want your kid to have the play kitchen espresso set, then this should be your choice. The design is very attractive. There are different accessories including espresso machine, electronic stovetop, refrigerator, and other 21 piece items. The material quality is superb and we don’t have any doubts that this set lasts long. Assembly level is also easy because of its design and easy arrangement pieces.


  • Suitable for all children over 2 years of age

  • Total of 21 pieces with different dimensions and colors

  • Large oven and refrigerator

  • Realistic sound and flashlight in burners

  • Animal-friendly kitchen set

  • Interchangeable coffee pods and cute looking espresso machine

Why choose?

It brings freshness in your kid’s play as it includes espresso set with easily accessible doors. Best play kitchen set 2020 with an espresso option.

5. Little Tikes Cook and Grillin’ Goodies Bundle ​​​​​​

If you are looking for something fresh with outdoor game play, this one should be your choice. The sole reason is it is outdoor compatible and also it includes BBQ along with grills and food bundle. It includes the main set plus BBQ lunch set. It is affordable and it is very compact in nature and build space.


  • Fun sounds when rotating the clicking knob

  • Working fridge and oven doors

  • Molded pegs for pans and utensils hanging

  • The extended counter area with a back area for preparation

  • Dual-level grills replicating actual grills

  • Two sets so that friends can play

  • The playset has 20 pieces for better role-play and social skill development

Why choose?

The very first reason is its outdoor BBR compatibility. Secondly, the cost is affordable. It can be a perfect kitchen set for girl if she is interested in BBQ.

6. KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set, Large, Multicolor

Don’t you want your kids to learn about the farm and kitchen together? You consider this as the best option as it has an 18-piece accessory with play food sets. It also has realistic looking light to represent fire. Cooktop also makes sounds to give better cooking feel for the kids. It has an ice cube maker and a BILT App to assist kids in assembling the kitchen.


  • Suite kids over age 3

  • High sturdiness with wooden finish

  • Sound and light motion sensors

  • Dispenses pretend cubes

  • Large storage crates

  • Easy to assemble

Why choose?

A beautiful design with the 18-piece set is enough for your kids to role-play and learn about different vegetables.


What makes a best kitchen set ? I would say it depends on individuals. As a result, we have listed different Play sets including realistic sets, BBQ sets, farm sets, espresso bar and other kinds of sets. However, a set needs to have better quality material, compact design, safety, cognitive ability aspects, cost, and assembling level.

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