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5 Best Baby Night Light | Discussion And Analysis

Best Baby Night Light

Why You Need A Baby Night Light?

A nightlight is an indoor light that produces light at low intensity. It lightens up a room with a gentle glow that eliminates darkness and, prevents insomnia at the same time. It is mostly used in places where babies sleep. Remember, the appropriate baby night light is the one that suits your baby most. Most times, a night light is referred to as baby night light, baby night lamp or nursery night light.

A night light is profitable to both the baby and mother.

Firstly, babies have a different reaction to light. Most babies find the brightness of the overhead light discomforting. Others are scared of darkness before they sleep or when they wake up at night. Baby night lamp provides an ingenious compromise between the brightness of the overhead light and total darkness.

Secondly, babies have different sleeping routines, especially in the early months. Sometimes, they need their diapers changed, and, other times, they need food. A baby night lamp helps you meet these needs without taking away their coziness. Nursery night light distracts your baby and helps them to fall asleep immediately you are done with this routine.

Thirdly, in places where power supply is inconsistent, nursery night light provides a reliable alternative source of light. Some nursery night lights are rechargeable. Night lights are also energy saving.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Baby Night Lamp

Now, you know the benefits of having a baby night light. Your next line of action is to purchase one from your favorite store. However, there are many baby night lights in the market. It would help if you considered a few factors before making a choice. Some of these factors include:

Source of Power

There are three sources of power for night lamps. These include direct plug-in to a power outlet, replaceable batteries and, rechargeable batteries. The quality baby night lights may have two sources of power. If you live in a place where there is no consistent power supply or you’re planning to visit one, then you need a nursery night light that uses batteries. However, to avoid the cost that comes with using only cells, a night light that can also be plugged into a power outlet would be better.

Type of Night Light

There are three varieties of the best night lights for a baby.

Ø Sensor Night Light

These night lights have sensors that turn them off and on. When you walk past them, they come on. When hung over the baby crib, they come on when you place your baby in the crib. The quality night lights have sensors. 

Ø Projector-type Night Light

These night lights are mostly stationary. They project light on the ceiling of the room. Some of these projections have automated images of animals, cartoons, and many more. That makes your baby drift into dreamland. However, most projector-type night lights don’t use batteries. 

Ø Lampstand Night Light

These night lights are kept close to the sleeping bed under a lampshade. However, these nights light illuminates the room monotonously.

Quality and Safety

The baby night lights are durable and safe. Babies are ignorant and curious. They can try to chew the night light or touch their electrical wiring. Buy a night light that is durable and made with non-conducting and non-toxic materials.


The best night light for babies is affordable. However, their prices differ. We recommend that you purchase a baby night light that is within your purchasing power.

Five Best Baby Night Light for Stress-Free Sleep

VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights for Kids

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This versatile baby night light is worth having for yourself and your baby. It is made with durable toy-grade ABS and PC material that makes your baby crib a safe and conducive playground. These materials don’t contain harmful chemical substances. Outside your room, this night light will still brighten your show. Whether you are trekking, hiking or hosting an outdoor party, VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights is a perfect fit.

VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights has features that make it an excellent night light for both indoor, outdoor and travel purposes. It gives you all the benefits you expect from a night light.

Special Features

·        90-minute dim light timer

·        200 hours lasting battery on low; 6 hours at maximum brightness

·        Waterproof outer covering

·        Great price

·        Soft touch control

·        Quality and safety assured

Hatch Baby Night Light

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This superb baby night lamp is a beautiful piece of invention. It is versatile in function. Hatch baby night light keeps your baby active with distinct sounds and melodies. It further helps babies to sleep comfortably with the colorful dim light it produces. However, that’s not all! Hatch baby night lamp has an alarm feature that allows you with your routine night checks. This also establishes a unique sleeping routine that becomes part of your baby’s behavior as they grow.

It is easy to personalize and control using a simple smartphone App.

Special Features

·        Multi-functional 

·        Easy to Control from your smartphone 

·        Alert feature that grows with the baby 

·        Encourages sleep through preset light and white noise

AnanBrosRemote Baby Night Light

This nursery night light brings the stars closer to your baby. AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light combines light, pre-programmed lullabies and, time-alerts. It projects a dim light-blue light with colorful star images that puts your baby to sleep within minutes. The time alert is easy to set with one touch. This star projector silently rotates in 360-degrees and, can be controlled with a handy remote over 32 feet.

This night light is a perfect gift item for every child, especially at Christmas.

Special Features

·        12 pre-programmed lullabies 

·        Removable memory card 

·        Quick Setting Timer 

·        Nine different color option 

·        Long distance remote sensor

·        Portable

LOFTerPlug-in Night Light for Kids

This slim night light is perfect for places where power supply is consistent. It is a plug-in, bedside night light that has dusk to dawn sensor that automatically turns it on or off. It lies flat on the wall, so you can’t bump into this night light. LOFTerPlug-in Night Light for Kids has three light modes. When you plug it into a power outlet, it shines white. If you further tap the switch, the rotating 8-color RGB lights will be activated and, when you tap the switch again when a particular RGB color is displayed, you’ll pick that color to shine stationary. So, you can activate different colors based on the current mood of your baby. 

This night light is durable and energy-saving? The view is dim and gentle and, within a few minutes of staying under it, your baby will doze off after a few minutes.

Special Features

·        Three lighting modes: white light, rotating 8-color RGB light and, stationary RGB light. 

·        Dusk to dawn sensor 

·        Slim when plugged into a wall socket 

·        Energy saving

·        Gentle light intensity

Tec boss Kids Night Light

This is a super chick nightlight. It is rechargeable, and when fully charged, it could run for 300 hours on low light intensity. Tec boss Kids Night Light automatically on and off once its sensor is activated. Last for about 8 hours, on high light intensity. You don’t need to worry about safety. Tec boss Kids Night Light is made with toy-grade ABS materials. It produces one of the best night light for a baby. The LED light doesn’t harm your baby’s eye in any way. It will suit your baby crib, nursery, bedside, and, sleeping room. 

This night light grows with your child. With a single soft touch, your baby learns how to on and off this night light.

Special Features

·        Long life battery 

·        Portable and mobile 

·        Grows with your baby 

·        Great gift item 

·        Attractive chick design


Night light solves your baby’s sleeping problems and also give you rest. However, you need to get the appropriate baby night light to get all you desire. We have outlined five best baby night lights that you can choose and rely on. Ensure you put all the factors listed in this article into consideration before you make your choice.