You are currently viewing Best Baby Gates For Stairs 2020 | Review And Analysis – Top 7

Best Baby Gates For Stairs 2020 | Review And Analysis – Top 7

Best Baby Gates For Stairs 2020 | Review And Analysis

The sight of a baby crawling across the living room floor oblivious to everything around it is an adorable yet an alarming sight. With a baby in the house, who has started to crawl, keeping it off the places which might be unsafe or keeping the pet away from your baby, becomes an extremely taxing exercise. Especially when the parents cannot afford to be around the baby every minute of its waking hours

If the living area is upstairs, or if it has stairs leading to a basement or the outside, it becomes more critical for the baby to be kept away from the stairs to avoid a mishap especially from going outside, riding toys, baby walker etc. Thus, baby gates for stairs are the only viable option to save the baby away from the dangerous stairs.

The market is flooded with staircase safety gates of different sizes- wide, narrow, tall. That is built of different materials- metals, alloys, and mesh. They come with various fittings and choosing the right baby safety gates for stairs might not be a walk in the park. To help you find the ideal stair baby gate, here are some of the best baby gates for stairs we have reviewed. These gates have scored high on user ratings, and I have personally considered the following parameters to ensure that only the best are listed.

● Materials used.

● Finish

● Safety

● Ease of installation.

● The durability of fittings

At the end of the article, be assured that you will be well informed about the various baby gates for stairs in the market. Moreover, you will be able to make a smart and informed purchase decision. So let’s begin!

Best Baby Gates For Stairs | Our Best Picks

New Retractable Baby Gate

KINGBO baby safety gate

 Evenflo Secure Step

1.1 Babyseater : New Retractable Baby Gate

Do you want a baby gates top of stairs that can easily dismantle and fit in more spaces than one place? Alternatively, a barrier that is not just horizontal bars within a metal frame? Then the BABYSEATER New Retractable Baby Gate is an ideal option.

The gates are retractable and can fit in any space: narrow, wide, or extra wide. With an extension up to 48″ in length, these gates are truly extra wide. Fully covered with high-quality mesh, that can be easily rolled to fit the space.

The secure latch is easy to open with a single hand. Are smooth, sturdy, and safe at the same time giving you the barrier you need for the safety of your baby. This can be helpful when you are carrying your child in your arms or have your hands full. Just flip the latch, and the gate is open.


● the gate is adjustable to fit any space or opening.

● easy and simple installation

● fully covered with high-quality mesh

● easy to open latch

● fits almost any space

● No noise while opening or closing the gate.


● needs drilling for installation

● counts less on sturdiness compared to other baby safety gates made of other materials like plastic, wood or metal

The BABYSEATER – New Retractable Baby Gate is the right option for you if you are looking for a fully covered mesh gate. Have no worries that it might be subjected to a massive push or pull. This retractable and easy to install and handle baby gate is sure to fit any space.

1.2 Kingbo Baby Safety Gate

A wooden gate made of New Zealand pine wood, with perfect wooden polish and finish. An ideal match for your home interior wooden decor.

KINGBO baby safety gate ensures the safety of your baby without compromising your aesthetics and perfect match for your wooden floor and stairs.

The KINGBO baby safety gate comes with two banister adapters to ensure they fit perfectly with the stairs. It extends from 29.5″ to 32″, and if you have a broader space to cover; extensions measuring 5″/11″ is readily available for purchase. The installation is a pressure mount or a no-tools installation. The double-locking provision ensures foolproof safety. The baby safety gate with banisters automatically shuts once the handle is released and is the best baby gates for stairs with banisters. The perfect wooden polish and finish are odorless and free of harmful chemicals. The high strength metal fittings come with wall guard pads to ensure that your walls are not scratched when the baby gates are mounted.


● high strength material

● easy pressure mount installation

● double locking system

● automatic closing

● Wheel chair and stroller ramp.


● has a threshold bar

● no installation manual

● needs accurate measurements to ensure that it fits perfectly.


A wooden baby stair gate, KINGBO baby safety gate is an ideal choice. The gateway provides safety with style.

1.3. Evenflo Secure Step

The manufacturer of these top of stairs gate has the reputation of being one of the leading manufacturers of child and infant products. If your household needs demand a baby safety gate, for heavy usage; Evenflo Secure Step can be an ideal choice. These plastic baby gates for stairs come with metal fittings making it more secured when installed.

These baby gates for stairs can extend from 29″ to 42″ in length and measure 30″ in height. The installation is easy for top of stairs baby gate no drill is required. These baby safety gates open both ways and have lock indicators marked in green and red. Though the barriers are ideal for stairs installation, they can be used indoors and between rooms. The white plastic looks good with the flawless finish. The sliding lock of the gate is straightforward to operate.


● Easy Installation, No Drill.

● Can Open Both Ways.

● Easy One-Hand Operation

● Can Be Used On Doors And Between Rooms.

 ● Large Ditty Gates, Ideal For Heavy Daily Usage


● The plastic bearings might loosen over time.

● the latch on top requires some practice for one hand handling.


The Evenflo Secure Step is the ideal bottom of stairs gate, for households that demand frequent opening and closing of the baby safety gates. The gates are convenient to use and add to the flexibility in operation. With easy installation, these are one of the best baby gates for stairs.

1.4.  Summer Infant Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit

If the shape and size of your banisters are a cause of worry regarding the perfect fit of the baby safety gate, worry no more. Summer Infant Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit is the best option for you with banister to banister installation, single banister installation at both top of stairs baby gate and bottom stairs as well as between rooms and doors. This sleek honey oak, chocolate, baby gate for stairs ensures a perfect fit in all banisters with its dual installation kit.

The gate is ideal for wide spaces as it extends from 32″ to 48″ in length and is 33″ in height. Installed in the square form as well as round banisters. The materials used are of high strength, and the finish is excellent. The gate can be easily dismantled and reinstalled with its quick-release mechanism. The portal is slid open and closed and has a mounted slide lock.


● Great fitting tools

● can be installed on single and double banisters of all shapes

● can be used on doors or between rooms.

● Great wooden finish.


● the sliding movement for closing and opening the gate needs practice.

● not ideal for single handed opening and closing of the gate.


Where most of the other baby safety gates will fail to install, the Summer Infant Banister will perfectly fit in banisters of all sizes and shapes. Beside, is a best baby gates for stairs with banisters. Ideal for homes that might demand a quick dismantle and re-installation.

1.5. Fairy Baby Stair Gate

The Fairy Baby stair baby gate is sturdy and built to withstand pushes and pulls. These baby safety gates are mounted on your doors, and for children between 6-36 months old, this is best fit for them. The gates look sleek and are durable.

The installation requires adjustment of 4 Pressured adjustment bolts fitted to stairs and doorways. The length extends from 24″ to 71.65,” and the height of the gate is 30.7″. The entrance is adjustable to fit spaces of varying widths. This is an excellent baby gates for stairs with spindles and open both ways and the latch on top compliments the sturdiness of the gate.


● High strength material.

● Easy installation, no drilling required.

● opens both ways.

● no threshold bar

● great looks


● the push button open function might be tricky during some occasions.

● the installation, though simple, might require some assistance.

The baby safety gate is sleek and sturdy and is built to last. The Fairy Baby is a gate that will see your baby grow and will be there long after the baby has grown taller than the entrance.

1.6. Loft Baby Gate

This sleek, stylish and durable staircase safety gates can also be fitted on doors and between rooms. The contemporary styling and the silver finish look makes Loft gates by Munchkin an ideal choice for households looking for a stylish yet reliable baby proofing solution for stairs.

Lightweight and durable Aluminum metal is used in the making of this baby gate. This baby gate for stairs has the latest technology that enables it to be fitted correctly to surfaces and walls that are not level. The quick-release mechanism lets you to un-mount and reinstalls the gate quickly. The barrier extends from 26.5 to 40″ in length and is of 30.5″ in height, which makes it ideal for covering any space narrow or wide. The gate swings both ways. So the entire length of the gate swings in the direction of your walk. It is thus giving ample space for an easy crossing. The hinges are firm and blend with the design and fit any form of wall surface perfectly.


● modern styling

● ideal for heavy daily use

● opens both ways along the entire width.

● no threshold bar


● installation might require help

● requires drilling

● requires additional fittings fir banisters

The Munchkin Loft gates with its sleek silver metal looks are ideal for a home with modern aesthetics. This baby safety gate withstands heavy usage, with flexibility in movement.

 1.7. KidCo Safeway

One of the unique top of stairs baby gate no drill available in the market today. KidCo Safeway has essential features, a simple look, and the moderate pricing of the product makes of this baby safety gate for stairs, an ideal choice for many households.

The baby safety gate has a width of 24.75″ that extends to 42.5″ and a height of 30.5″. The smooth and simple installation, coupled with features like direction stop and drill-less angle mounting, makes the baby safety gate ideal for top installation of the stair. The gate can be operated easily with one hand and can be mounted and un-mounted easily as and when required. The baby gate has been one of the bestselling products of the company, inspiring many other versions of this original model.


● easy and simple installation

● can be installed as room separator or on doors.

● No drill required for installation on banisters.

● opens both ways, has direction stop adjustors.


● the look is basic.

● The mounts come as additional purchase.

1.8. Summer Infant Gates

If you are in the lookout for a retractable baby safety gate, that has the perfect balance of style and safety? The silver satin finish of the metal posts and the durable and stylish mesh might be the ideal baby safety gate for your house.

The baby safety gate provides safety to your child without compromising the free movement in the household. This hardware-mounted safety gate is retractable and extends up to 50″ in length and is 30″ in height. The portal can be easily locked and unlocked with the help of a simple locking lever. The package includes a hardware mount and the baseboard kit


● stylish and durable

● Baseboard kit and hardware mount are included in the purchase.

● can be used on top and bottom of stairs or at doors and between rooms.

● retractable up to 50″

● closed mesh gate.


● might require additional support when used on top of stairs.

● Not ideal for households with high usage of the baby gates.

Summer Infant Gates is also one of the most durable and stylish hardware mounted retractable baby safety gates available in the market. You are matching your style without compromising on the safety of your baby.

After passing the ASTM Standards, Most baby safety gates get certified as administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA). Many of the manufacturers have been leading the infant and juvenile safety products research and development. All the products mentioned above have undergone rigorous trials before being certified. In spite of these measures, a faulty screw or an incorrect installation might be the cause of a mishap. Which you can avoid by personally checking each item in the package and making sure you refer to the user manual or video tutorials while installing the gates.

I am sure that you are now ready to make a well informed and smart purchase decision. However, before you make the final purchase decision, –here are a few points to ponder?

● Have you decided where do you want to install the baby safety gate?

● Do you need a baby safety gate to keep off your child away from the stairs or you need one to secure the play area?

● Have you considered the types of baby safety gates that are available, in terms of making, a model of installation, and features?

● What about the home aesthetics, have you found the gate that will blend seamlessly?

Pause, identify your need and the bill in terms of features as well as budget. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the standard size of baby gates?

A baby gate must not be less than 22″ in height, and the distance between the slots on the gate should not exceed 3″.

2. How are baby gates measured?

To measure a gate to be installed on walls measure between the walls and the skirting boards. To install in a staircase measure the top and the bottom of the stairs

3. What is the ideal height off the ground for a baby gate to be fixed?

To avoid mishaps, install the gate at least 3″ above the floor.

4. What is hardware mounted baby gates?

The gates that are bolted to the frames or hardware on the walls are hardware or wall mounted baby gates.

5. What is pressure mounted baby gates?

The gates that are mounted on walls by a simple press on the opposite walls are pressure mounted gates. They are not fixed with bolts and require no screwing, unlike the hardware mounted gates.

We will love to hear from you, on which one you love the most. Give us a beep and leave a comment in our section box below.