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Best Baby Bath Mat | Awesome 10 | Buying Guide

One of the hallmarks of parenting is being able to protect your baby as they grow. Babies and toddlers are many times not aware of their environment and as such, they are prone to doing things that can be dangerous to them. As parents, your task is to constantly keep a close eye on your babies. You also have the duty of making the home safe for them by removing any harmful things in the home out of their reach to make it safe for them to play.

Babies love to play a lot and knowing this, the best thing to do is to buy products for your babies that enhance their protection. For parents, it is easy to identify the places where babies are most vulnerable except for the bathroom. The bathroom is many times ignored by parents because they feel they already have a good tub for the baby and that should be enough. A good bathtub is great, but you also need to buy a mat that complements the bathtub to guarantee the utmost safety.

As babies grow, so does the product they use, so the bathtub you use for a toddler will not be the same as the baby grows. It is normal for one to assume that babies can keep themselves safe as they grow but that’s not the truth. Babies do not know how to be safe especially in a bathtub because it is soft and slippery when soap and water mixes with it. When babies slip in a bathtub, it could result in very dangerous injuries. This is why buying the best baby bath-mat is very important.

Baby bathmats differ based on the size of the bathtubs and the age of the baby. As they grow, you can give them some time out to enjoy a playful bath in the tub while keeping a close eye on them. However, for the precious little ones, a baby bathmat is non-negotiable.

A market is a place that is filled with a lot of baby bathmat options to choose from. This brings to question – how do I choose the best baby bath mat ? To help you do this, we have put together this review of the kids bath mats. Here, you can get an analysis of the best bathmats in the market for your baby while also knowing what to look out for. With that being said, let’s get straight to it by starting with the 10 best baby bath-mat in the market today.

Best Baby Bath Mat at a Glance

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bathmat

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath MatCheck Price Here

Gorilla Grip Bath Shower Tub Mat 

GORILLA GRIP Original Patented Bath, Shower, Tub Mat, 35x16, Machine Washable, Antibacterial, BPA, Latex, Phthalate Free, Bathtub Mats with Drain Holes, Suction Cups, XL Size Bathroom Mats, ClearCheck Price Here

Hallo Soft Sponge Skid-Proof Baby Bathmat

HALLO Soft Infant Bath Sponge Skid Proof Baby Bath Mat Newborn Odor Free (Pink)Check Price Here

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bathmat

Munchkin Baby Bathmat is as quality as the company itself. Having spent several years in the baby products industry, Munchkin has established itself as a leading company in the industry. The standout feature of this product is not just its quality, but most importantly its cute unique designs. The dandy dots design on this mat is done on a non-slippery surface. This serves a two-fold purpose which is safety for your kids and something that attracts them.

At the bottom of this mat, there is a provision for suction cups to keep the mat in its place on the tub. It comes in a very large size to accommodate your baby while ensuring he or she doesn’t slip. This baby mat is made of latex and BPA free rubber. With this mat, your babies do not have to hurry their baths as they can stay for a while on the mat to relax and enjoy.

Depending on your baby’s age and taste, you can choose from either 1 count or 2 counts. There is a 100% warranty on this baby mat as you are sure the baby will like it as much as you will.

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath MatCheck Price Here

Gorilla Grip Bath Shower Tub Mat 

Gorilla Grip is a well-known company that produces several baby products. Products that are made available by this company are of the highest quality and this shower tub may is nothing short of that. This baby bathmat stands out from others in the market for its suction. Considering that bathtubs have a smooth surface that makes them slippery when soap and water come on them, a mat with suction is very essential. Such a mat can stay firm on the shower tub without slipping off.

Gorilla Grip Bath Shower Tub Mat comes with a whopping 324 suction cups that guarantees the safety of the mat for your baby. Other than this, it is large and consists of small holes that allow water to flow easily. Composed of non-toxic materials like latex and phthalate, this bathmat is very safe for babies. No toxic smell and maintenance come at a very low cost.

After the purchase of this mat, buyers are advised to wash it and constantly maintain it. Buyers are offered a 10-year warranty on any issue concerning the quality of the mat. If your babies love colors, then, this mat is the best for you as you can pick from a variety of colors.

GORILLA GRIP Original Patented Bath, Shower, Tub Mat, 35x16, Machine Washable, Antibacterial, BPA, Latex, Phthalate Free, Bathtub Mats with Drain Holes, Suction Cups, XL Size Bathroom Mats, ClearCheck Price Here

Boon Baby Bathmat

Boon, just like other reputable companies is known to offer quality infant and toddler products. The uniqueness of this brand is its attention to the details of safety and comfort for your baby. Every product gotten from Boon leaves the parent worry-free. If you have infants who love to play around, then the Boon baby bathmat is the perfect pick for your kids.

With a great suction ability, this mat stays in place and there is no fear for slipping off for your baby. There is also no problem with water circulation and drainage as this mat comes with holes around the mat. The material of this bathmat is BPA free and the best for babies who are above 6 months old. Keep your baby safe, secured, and free from toxins with Boon baby bathmat.

Another great feature of this mat is its integrated hook that comes in handy when you need to dry the mat. You can pick from the two special models available that is ripple or griffle. Great pattern, toxin-free material, and good suction for this baby bathmat.

Boon Baby Bath Mat, BlueCheck Price Here

Yimobra Original Bathtub Shower Mat 

Are you looking for a baby bathmat with big suction cups and power? Then, you should look no further than this amazing product. Rated as the largest baby bathmat in the market, this product comes with 200 big suction cups. These suction cups keep the mat in its place on the tub and guarantee the safety of your baby while on it.

This mat is machine washable and comes at low-cost maintenance. Not only is this mat BPA free, but it is also made of quality latex material. This makes it non-toxic and safer for babies in the bathtub. The good side to this mat is that it doesn’t leave any area of the bathtub exposed so your baby is not vulnerable in any way. It comes in different colors and designs that you can choose from based on your taste.

Yimobra Original Bath Tub Shower Mat Extra Long 16 x 40 Inch, Non-Slip with Drain Holes, Suction Cups, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, BPA Free and Machine Washable Large, Bathroom Mats, Clear BlueCheck Price Here

Disney Mickey Mouse Decorative Bathmat 

The Disney Baby Bathmat is a very popular option in the market today and the reason for this is not hidden, children love Disney. Babies as they grow always have a great love for Disney products. This mat comes in different design options ranging from Mickie Mouse to Minnie Mouse and everything in-between. Though coming in different designs that you can choose from for your babies, they all come with similar features. These features include suction cups, safe material, and amazing PVC construction.

The cushion style material enhances its safety and keeps your baby safe when he or she falls accidentally. This mat requires a very low maintenance cost as all you need to keep it clean is to wash and dry it regularly.

Disney Mickey MouseCheck Price Here

Skip Hop Moby Baby Bathmat

This whale-shaped baby bathmat is safe, fun, and attractive to kids. This mat is thick with texture making it non-slippery. The mat is filled with quality suction cups that make it firm in its place. The holes made available on the mat are placed at strategic spots to ensure the whale design is not altered. These holes allow for water circulation, prevent mildew from forming, and helps the mat to dry better and faster.

Moby baby bathmats are versatile and compatible with other Moby products. The tail of the mat which imitates the tail of the whale makes it easy for you to hang and dry the mat after use. It comes in two different colors of grey and blue for you to choose from.

Skip Hop Moby Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat, GreyCheck Price Here

Hallo Soft Sponge Skid-Proof Baby Bathmat

As a new parent struggling to decide which baby bathmat is perfect for your baby, look no further than this Hallo Soft Infant Baby Bathmat. Made of thick sponge material, this mat is not only firm on the tub, but it also holds your baby in place. The sponge material is also slip-resistant and comes with several holes that allow for easy water circulation and drainage. Bath in a rough bathtub or with a wrong bathmat, can be very stressful. This sponge-like mat helps to relieve stress and ensures your baby feels excited while bathing.

The advantage of this mat is that it can be used in the bathtub, counter, and sink. However, to keep the mat firm at all times, you need regular maintenance. Though the mats are easy to clean, you have to avoid using hot water directly on the mat. When cleaning, make use of foam and water alone.

There is a provision on the mat that supports any position the baby wants to take while bathing. When buying, you have a comprehensive warranty plan, different colors to choose from, and 3 small sponges as well.

HALLO Soft Infant Bath Sponge Skid Proof Baby Bath Mat Newborn Odor Free (Pink)Check Price Here

Bligli Bathtub Baby Bathmat 

Bligli is a popular child product brand with a different baby bathmat from others that we have reviewed above. This baby mat is designed for specific surfaces particularly smooth-surfaced tubs. The high suction cups of this mat secure it in place on the bathtub. The suction cups number up to 187 and with it, you do not have to worry about your kid slipping while bathing.

The top of the mat is rough with a spiral texture to create that suction kids will not get from the smooth surface. Made from quality toxin and BPA-free materials, this mat measures about 15 x 27 inches. Other than being safe, the material is also skin-friendly and comes in a cartoon turtle design making it attractive. Buy safely with 30- day money-back warranty that the company offers to customers.

Bligli Bathtub Mat Baby Kids Bath Mat Anti-Slip Mat Cartoon Non-Slip Bath Mat Massage Shower Mat with Suction Cups Children 39 x 69 cmCheck Price Here

AmazerBath Baby Mat 

AmazerBath baby mat is a quality mat with 200 large-size suction cups. There are just a few baby mat products in the market with stronger suction power than this product. While the suction cups hold the mat firmly to the bathtub, the textured surface ensures that your kid doesn’t slip off while showering.

This baby mat is made from a safe TPE material without any odor. It measures about 39 by 16 inches and can be used in the hotel, hospital, or gym. This mat is a versatile one as it works well on smooth surfaces as much as it does on textured surfaces. The holes available on the mat enhance water circulation and drainage to prevent mildew and soap from forming on the surfaces of the baby mat.

AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat, Extra Long 39 x 16 Inches Non-Slip Shower Mats with Suction Cups and Drain Holes, Bathtub Mats Bathroom Mats Machine Washable (Clear Blue)Check Price Here

FEIDOL Baby Bathmat 

The FEIDOL baby bathmat comes in a simple cartoon design look that is not only attractive but also allows your kids to learn while taking their bath. The bottom of this mat is made of several suction cups keeping it firm and making sure you don’t worry about your baby slipping. This mat is machine washable so all you need to do to keep it clean and shining at all times is to flip it frequently in the machine.

The top of the mat is made of rounded bumps that hold the baby while taking a bath. It works well on the bathtub as well as it does on other slippery surfaces. Made from highly durable thick material, this mat is BPA-free and easy to maintain. The thickness of the mat makes it resistant to wear and tear and it comes in two different colors.

FEIDOL Non Slip Baby Bath Mat with Suction Cups for Tub, Shower Anti-Slip Mat, 27 x 15 Inch Cute Pattern Design, Bathtub Mat for Kids (Upgraded)Check Price Here

Best Baby Bath-Mats Buying Guide 

Searching for the quality baby bath mats in the market can be a very daunting task especially because you want a very safe one. There are several products with different features and the challenge happens when you don’t know what to consider when choosing.

This is why we have put together this best baby bathmat to help guide you through your selection process. It contains the major features that make a great baby bathmat great for you and your baby. Let’s go on and outline some of these features and why you should consider them when buying a baby bathmat.

The Surface of the Bathtub or Area 

Bathtubs differ based on their surfaces and you have to consider these differences when choosing a bathmat for your baby. While some bathmats are made specifically for a particular bathtub, others are versatile for all bathtubs. When buying, you have to consider the surface of your bathtub or area to be sure you are buying a mat that will work just fine for it.

Another reason why it is important to consider the surface of the bathtub is the size of the bathmat. For large bath areas, it is best to go for a baby bathmat that is large to cover the whole area. This way, you do not have to worry about what your baby is doing anywhere in the area.

The Material of the Bathmat 

The material of the baby mat you are buying is a very important factor to consider. Like we have said, you are doing this only because you want to protect your precious little one(s). This goal of protecting them might be defeated if you do not go for a material that is free from chemicals. The best kids bath mat for you is one that should be made with the right material preferably latex that is BPA free. With this, you are sure that your baby is not only bathing free from the slip of the tub but also free from the health repercussions of chemicals.

The Suction of the Bathmat 

If you want your bathmat to stay and remain in place, you need to consider its suction when buying. While every baby bathmat is provided with suction cups, the number made available and the quality is what differentiates one mat form another. To be sure you are buying the best baby bathmat, you need to go for baby mats with more suction cups distributed strategically on the mat. Great suction and grip are necessary for a quality baby bathmat.

The Different Shapes Available 

Just like bathmats for babies come in different sizes and designs, they also come in different shapes. Shapes are attractive to toddlers especially when they take the form of their favorite characters like an animal or a thing they like. You have to figure out which shape your baby likes and make sure it is one that can cover the whole bath area.

The of Maintenance of the Bathmat Ease 

Other than the safety of a kid while bathing, you also need to guarantee their comfort as well. A comfortable baby bath will always be fun for them as well. How do you guarantee the comfort of your baby with a baby bathmat? You have to buy a thick baby mat. The thicker the mat gets; the more babies can enjoy their bath time.

Water Circulation 

​Water circulation and drainage are factors that also need to be considered when buying a bathmat for your baby. However, it has to be effective for it to be hygienic and prevent mold, and mildew from forming easily. To ensure water circulation and drainage, you have to go for a baby bath mat that has several holes. Having enough number of holes makes the drainage process easier and faster for the mat and makes it dry faster and better.

Easily Maintainable 

​​To keep your baby bathmat in the right condition at all times, you need to ensure regular maintenance. Not maintaining your mat can result in soap residues and mold forming in it that can damage the bathmat faster than you envisage. However, frequent cleaning of the mat can be a very difficult task for anyone especially when you have to combine it with other activities in the home. This is why you have to go for a baby bathmat that is machine washable.

Appropriate Design 

​Babies don’t just get interested in a product; they are also interested in the design. To babies, everything is something they can play with and that includes the bathmat you are buying. Baby Bathmats differ in design and there are several of them that you can choose from depending on your taste. Go for a design that your baby can relate to and appreciate better while taking their bath.

How Many Children You Have 

Though not often talked about, the number of children you have is also a factor to consider when buying the quality kids bath-mat. If you have more than one baby, there are chances that you may want to bath them together. To do this, you will need a bathmat that can accommodate all of your children while guaranteeing their safety and comfort at the same time.




To ensure that you don’t bother about checking the reviews and ratings of different baby bathmats, we have provided you with the best 10 in the market. These 10 bathmats have the best ratings and reviews in the market. Other than having the best reviews and ratings, these mats also have high quality and are chemical-free making them safe for your kids. Our best recommendation, however, is the Munchkin Dandy Dots Bathmat for its quality, suction, and excellent design.

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