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Best Baby Walkers For Carpet 2020 | How Does It Work | Discussion With Best 7

 That joy that comes when you see your little ones getting up on their feet and moving around the house unaided is priceless. As a parent, you not only want to see your little one take that first leap, you want the process to be easy for him or her. The secret to this is baby walkers for carpet floor, While this might not be new to you as one with an infant, it’s important to think about the features of the baby Walker as well as if it’s a suitable walker for Capet floor.

You don’t want a walker that is not built to stand firm on carpet floors and will end up tipping over when your baby is on it or one that wouldn’t make the walking process fun and easy for your baby.

**** Best ​Carpet Walkers For Babies | At A Glance

Disney Winnie the Pooh Music and Lights Walker 

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse top featured with music and light Baby Walker

Joovy  Spoon  Walker

Creative Baby Astro Walker

Dream on Me Victory Lane Walker  

Combi Baby Activity Walker 

Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker 

Your utmost priority is the safety of your child. So, before you make a purchase, ask yourself, ‘is it a baby walker that works on carpets’? Would your baby be comfortable and safe while moving about within the walker? And finally what’s the best baby walker compatible with carpet floor?

Some parents make the mistake of buying baby walkers that are suitable for rug or tile surfaces when that have carpets in their homes. Look out for the best carpet friendly baby walker when you decide to make a purchase. They usually come with a wide base that gives stability and also brake pads that prevents the baby walker from tipping over.


To further help your purchase and make things easy for you, we have done a baby walker reviews 2020. This list contains the top quality baby walker that can work with carpet floor . They would also make walking fun and safe for your little one.

Dive in, make a great purchase and give your baby only the best:

1.Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker

This comes with lots of fun for your child and makes walking quite easy. This baby walker works on carpets and other floor surfaces with its sturdy wheels. It comes with an over sized play tray that features Disney characters and swings open to unveil the snack tray. Finally it’s known as one of the best walker for carpet floor.

Special features:

  • Two swing with open plate
  • 4 funny type Winnie the Pooh-themed toys
  • Machine launder-able cushioned seats

2. Disney Baby Minnie Mouse top featured with music and light Baby Walker

This baby walker comes with great features and is a good pick to make your child’s first step fun-filled. It comes with four Minnie Mouse featured toys and a music pack that contains 12 songs. This type walker also has a wide base and 3 different height adjustment that is just perfect for your child.

This walker works very effectively on carpets and floors with holding strips that aid moving on rough area surface. It is fold-able and can easily be stored or carried along for a journey. The only drawback here is that the wheels on the walker do not lock, so might not be able to make your child stay in one place.

Special features:

  • Seat easily adjusts to 3 heights
  • Sturdy wheels for use on carpets, tile, or wood floors
  • Holds Child of up to 30 pounds.

  3. Joovy  Spoon  Walker    

With a wide base for good balance and safety, this baby walker ensures your child’s finger don’t get chopped off on the side of the tray when the walker hits the wall. It also comes with extra-large tray to give enough space for your child’s toys. The baby walker is fit for your carpets and floors. The draw back here is the Joovy spoon walker has a large size and not suitable for small spaces.

Special features:

  • Comfortable and Supportive Seat Pads
  • Removable Tray and washable seats
  • Type of Folding flat for easing storage and travel

4.Creative Baby Astro Walker   

This amazing baby walker is multipurpose. While it’s a perfectly built walker that works on carpet, there’s also the sit-in and push behind feature and the super friction pads that prevents it from falling off the stairways. This is one of the best baby walkers as it comes with loads of fun music, lights and spinning toys your baby will love.

Special features:

 Dual purpose sit-in to walk behind

 3 position height adjustment

 Safety friction pads

 5.  Dream on Me Victory Lane Walker

If your kid is gadget loving, then this baby walker is just for you, as it is loaded with lots of gadgets, sound effects, lights, music and a snack tray that’ll keep your child busy for hours non-stop. This fun filled baby walker comes with realistic car features with a design of a race car that’ll make learning to walk fun. Your child’s safety is ensured as this walker comes with a stopper-wheel and bouncing system.

This is just the perfect baby walker for your carpet floor.

Special features:

 Multi-directional wheel

 Removable activity tray for snacks

 Stopper wheel and bouncing system for safety

6. Combi Baby Activity Walker 

This baby wal​ker comes with enough padding in the seat pad to give your child comfort while riding, the seat pads are easy to take off and are machine washable. It comes with locks and your child can bounce all day at a spot. It has an electric tray that provides your kid with hours of activity with lights, sound, music, mirrors and toys. This walker works on carpets floors, is easy to assemble and has three position heights. Some of the draw backs include its low volume and back wheels not freely mobile.

Special features:

 Removable Electronic play tray

 Comfortable seat pads

 Fast and Easy to assemble

7. Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker 

This baby walker is the perfect fit for carpets floors, and when it comes to the safety of your child, it has super Brake pads that helps stop the walker if it goes over a step. It works comes with a special Multi-lingual play tray that’s removable and can be used as a stand-alone toy. This baby walker also folds compactly for storage and transport; it’s definitely one your child will love. The few draw backs include its low volume and it lacks a push and touch activation, making it a little difficult to trigger the sound.

Special feature:

 Removable multi-lingual play tray

 Super Break pads

 Three height position

**** Proper Age For Using Baby Walker On A Carpet Floor

Safety and physical development have been the major controversies that have trailed the use of baby walkers in most climes. Carpet floors have reduced safety concerns because carpet floors provide enough cushions for babies to play, crawl, and move around. However, most baby walkers don’t roll across carpet floors easily. Because carpet floors have added friction when compared to concrete or tiled floors. They eliminate the risk of slips that is common on uncarpeted levels.

On a carpeted floor, babies need to exert more push-energy or forced to move from one place to the other. Even the best baby walkers for a carpeted floor require some sort of additional force to move around and provide the expected fun fair for an infant child.

The question now is: at what age could a baby exert this energy and move around in a baby walker across a carpet floor?

Most baby walker’s manufacturers have recommended the use of baby walkers for infants between four months and 16 months. At four months, most babies may not be able to exert such force that would move a baby walker across a carpeted floor. However, this depends on the strength, developmental stride, and strength of the child. As they grow up, these variables are more in their favor, and so, most babies could exert the added energy to move their walkers across a carpet floor.

Some baby walkers are designed specifically for carpet floors. Most manufacturers have taken cognizance of the resistance to wheel-movements associated with carpet floors. They have made these baby walkers lightweight and without added safety strips.

There is no absolute age that is proper for using a baby walker across a carpeted floor. You only need to get one of the best baby walkers for a carpet floor and ensure your baby is healthy enough to push it around.

**** Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Baby Walker

Advantages of Baby Walkers

1. Independence

Everyone relish freedom, especially as they grow. Babies, too, want some independence to feed their curiosity and, get to their fantasies around your home. Baby walkers give them this great opportunity. It allows them to move from one place to another and, further increase their height and ability to reach things that would naturally be out of their reach.

2. Entertainment

Baby walkers are designed with attractive toys. Some of them even have jingles and colored lights that entertain babies.

3. Development

Some persons believe that baby walkers won’t help their baby walk, while others think that it a useful aid indeed. Research has shown that the onus depends on the parent or caregiver of the baby. If they intend to use a baby walker to teach the baby how to walk, they’ll achieve that purpose. The physical development of babies relies majorly on tutorials than self-trials.

4. Valuable Time

Baby walkers give babies independence and still keep them entertained. They are well engaged. This buys some useful time for parents and caregivers to attend to other issues without worrying about carrying the baby around.

Disadvantages of Baby Walkers

1. Hazard and Accident Prone

Baby walkers have caused some injuries to many babies. Although recently, the casualty figures are usually low. They move at a pace that is uncontrollable for most caregivers, once an accident is to occur. The risk is heightened in homes where there are a swimming pool and stairs.

2. Muscle Pressure

Baby walkers could exert uneven pressure on the muscles of a child. Some researchers have suggested that it helps only the lower legs develop strong. However, newer models or walker that works on carpet floor are designed to eliminate this.

3. Undue Access

Baby walkers increase the heights of babies and give them undue access to things on tables, cupboards, etc. Some items on these wares could be a potential source of hazard.

Baby walkers are great. However, some disadvantages are more pronounced. 


**** Why You Need To Choose A Baby Walker Compatible With A Carpet Floor ?

There are many models of baby walkers. However, making the best choice for your baby depends on several factors, including the type of floor you have in your house. Carpet floors have become popular recently, especially in sitting rooms where most persons would prefer to use their baby walkers.

If you intend to use your baby walker on a carpeted floor, you need to choose and buy a baby walker that is compatible with your carpet floor. The question is, why? Let’s reel out some reasons.

A. Maneuverability

The two primary purposes of buying a baby walker are mobility and entertainment. The type of floor in your house relates closely to the first purpose. Carpet floors are rough. They have better friction and provide stronger resistance to the movements of the baby walker’s wheel.

However, many manufacturers have tried to overcome this by designing individual baby walkers for carpet floors. This article has revealed to you the best baby walker for carpet floors. The key feature of these baby walkers that differentiate them from others is their wheels.

Their wheels are usually bigger than usual. In addition to having over-sized wheels, these baby walkers are lightweight. These unique features make it easy for them to overcome the roughness of carpet floors.

B. Cost and Efficiency

Baby walkers aren’t expensive. However, they will cost you some bucks. You don’t want to spend your money on something that would not fulfill your purpose of buying it. Instead of purchasing any baby walker, purchase one that will glide across your carpet floor efficiently and give you value for your money.

These are the primary reasons why you need a baby walker that is compatible with a carpeted floor: ease of mobility and cost-effectiveness.

****Safety Tips For Using A Baby Walker

Many health authorities, experts, researchers, and bloggers have discouraged the use of old style baby walkers . This statement is informed by the multiple negative stories and accidents that have trailed the use of baby walkers. In fact, some government banned the sale and use of non-technical or old style baby walkers over safety concerns.

However, many persons have used baby walkers to raise their kids. These persons have positive testimonies and even recommend baby walkers for new parents. The secret to their success is sticking to some safety tips we’ll share with you in this article.

  • Always keep an eye: Irrespective of how safe you think your baby walker is, you must stay alert while your baby plays around with it. Always have an adult around the area where your baby would glide with a baby walker.
  • Be mindful of staircases and swimming pools: These are the major accident areas. Don’t use your baby walker near any stairways. And if you must allow your baby to stroll upstairs, ensure you have high safety gates on your corridors. Besides, if you intend to bring your baby downstairs through a staircase, take her off the baby walker. Take her down and the baby walker separately. Never use a baby walker around a swimming pool or any pit or ditch your child will fall into.
  • Check your baby walkers regularly: Baby walkers aren’t immune from damages and parts failure. You must always check for breakages, clogs, etc., before placing your baby on your baby walker.
  • Choose the right environment: Don’t use your baby walker in rough areas or areas that have objects littered everywhere. Your baby walker could tip over these objects resulting in an accident. The area should be free from metal sharps, fireplaces, parking lot, etc. A clean, smooth, and flat surface is always the best for your baby to glide.

Even the best baby walker for a carpet must be used under safety measures. Safety first!

**** Adjusting And Maintenance Tips For Baby Walker

Baby walkers are designed to be adjusted, especially with the growth of the baby. Also, they ought to be maintained for durability and safety. This point will give you some handy tips on adjusting and maintaining your baby walker for its best use. Let’s look at a few.

  • Always put down your baby before adjusting the baby walker seat height: When changing the seat height of your baby walker, ensure that the baby isn’t on it. Making adjustments under load can destroy the adjustment knob. However, ensure that that the seat is stationed in a position that her feet will touch the floor.
  • Before you clean, disassemble your baby walker: This will make your baby walker dry effectively after cleaning. And allow you to clean every crevice in each part thoroughly.
  • Be mindful of the cleaning reagents you use: This is very important because it is your ignorant baby that will hang around the walker. Babies have low body immunity. They could use their tongues to lick parts of your
  • Avoid too much exposure to sunlight: After cleaning your baby walker, don’t leave them outside all day. Sunlight has deteriorating effects on the fabric and plastic parts of your baby walker.
  • Always use new batteries to power batteries components. Carry out a periodic routine check on your baby walker: The screws and fastenings of your baby walker could begin to loosen or wear out as you use your baby walker. It is imperative always to check these components and ensure they are in an excellent state every time. This would help you maintain the expected lifespan of your baby walker and further reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Pay proper attention to manufacturers’ instructions and always buy recommended parts: Sticking to the provisions of your baby walker manual will go a long way in preserving it. Always turn to it for troubleshooting, assembling, etc. Also, replace worn out parts with products that are recommended by your manufacturers.


  • What is the best age for using a baby walker?
  • There is no absolute or perfect age for using a baby walker. However, most manufacturers recommend that baby walkers are ideal for babies within 4-16 months. Still yet, this depends on the development and physical strength of the baby.
  • Are baby walkers illegal?
  • The exception of Canada where the sale and use of baby walkers were banned in 2004, baby walkers are not illegal baby accessories anywhere.
  • Do baby walkers delay typical baby developmental milestones?
  • Most baby walker users have witnessed some delay in the physical developmental strides of their babies. However, this delay is usually in a negligible amount of weeks or months. Notwithstanding, baby walkers help babies to walk.
  • Where can I purchase a baby walker?
  • Walkers are available in both local baby accessories stores and online stores like Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.
  • What is the best baby walker?
  • Are many brands of baby walkers, and some are designed for a specific type of floors. This article has mentioned some excellent products based on a popular review. They are all great and would meet your needs. Only purchase a baby walker within your purchasing power.
  • Are baby walkers safe?
  • Concerns have trailed the use of baby walkers until today. However, baby walkers aren’t unsafe in themselves. Instead, some users don’t stick to safety precautions. This article has listed a few. Safety is first a product of human attitude. Baby walkers are safe if they are used within the confines of the safety measures for using them.
  • When should I stop using a baby walker?
  • Once your baby could walk on his or her own, you can fold up your baby walker.
  • Do I need to buy another baby walker as my child grows?
  • May not be necessary for this dispensation. Modern baby walkers are designed to accommodate your baby as she grows. You only need to learn how to adjust the baby walker seat. Then do that as your baby grows to fit her size.
  • Do baby walkers cause bow legs?
  • Has been reported by some users. However, it isn’t a significant concern. This is because baby walkers can cause bow legs if the baby is left on it for excessively long hours.
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