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Top 4 Best Baby Life Jackets | You Need To Know

Top 4 Best Baby Life Jackets Your Baby Need

Kids can be daredevils. At certain ages, they have no fears and feel like the world is at their feet. To them, the globe is one big playground designed for their utmost amusement. As parents or guardians, it is imperative that while we do not promote this view, we also do not stifle it and suck the fun out of our wards’ lives. A balance must be struck.

Striking a balance between fun and safety involves several things, including providing a personal flotation device for the kids should they have the cause to come in contact with bodies of water. This contact could be made at a beach, the family’s pool, or even during a father-son fishing expedition.

Top 4 Best Baby Life Jackets At a glance

Airhead Gnar Kwik-Dry baby Life Vest

Stohlquist Infant Life Vest

Salus Bijoux Infant Life Jacket

Stearns Heads-Up Child Life Vest

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Identifying the need for a life vest for your ward is followed by the question of which jacket you should go for. Usually, you will want value for your money in the form of guaranteed protection and comfort for your child. To help make your search easier – because there are tons of live jackets on the market – we have graciously shortlisted the four best baby life jackets available.

1. Airhead Gnar Kwik-Dry baby Life Vest

This lightweight vest comes in three different sizes. Size one is for infants that weigh between 15 – 30 pounds. The second size range is designed for children weighing between 30 – 50 pounds, while the third, termed ‘youth size” can fit kids whose weights fall between the 50 and 90-pound mark. The size guide will help you choose a life jacket that fits your baby perfectly.

A close-sided design was preferred in creating the Airhead vest. This, the zipper and two adjustable straps with quick-release buckles, ensure that the wearer is securely strapped within the confines of the jacket. Your child won’t be slipping out of this vest without external support.

The materials used in structuring the vest are just as impressive as its design. It is covered by ultraviolet resistant materials that will ensure that its bright colours do not rapidly fade due to exposure to sunlight. PVC foam was used in front, while Polyester foam was integrated as padding for the back. Both components provide dependable buoyancy and comfort.

Also, the materials are quick-drying, thus providing comfort in and out of water for your little one. The jacket’s spacious armholes and deep necklines also promote ample mobility, so your baby doesn’t feel overly restricted.

Key Features

  • Quick-drying and ultraviolet resistant materials
  • Zipper and two adjustable straps with heavy-duty buckles
  • Soft and lightweight PVC and Polyester foams


  • Provides great mobility
  • Suitable for numerous watersports
  • It is not bulky
  • It dries quickly


  • It runs small
  • Its length makes it more suitable for tall children

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2. Stohlquist Infant Life Vest

Here is a Type II Personal Flotation Device that caters for children weighing between 8 and 30 pounds. It has an open-back design that allows comfortable sitting and lying back for the wearer. Another stand-out design element is the v-shaped neckline of the vest. It prevents the front section from being pushed up into the child’s face due to movements.

Behind the v-shaped neckline lies a double collar that cushions the head and neck of the child, thus keeping the mouth, nose, and ears away from the water. A grab handle completes the rear features of the Stohlquist Life Jacket. In the event of an emergency, it serves as a quick means of pulling the child out of water. It also comes in handy when you wish to hang the vest out to dry.

The front of the jacket is adorned by a zippered opening and a single buckle attached to one strap at the waist region. These features work together with an adjustable crotch strap beneath the vest to securely hold the wearer within the confines of the jacket.

Also, this vest has been designed in a way that ensures that a child is turned on his or her back in the water. The point of a life vest isn’t just to keep a child afloat but to keep the child from drowning. While these two functions aren’t mutually exclusive, there is still a slight difference between them. The Stohlquist caters to this difference by ensuring that while the child is kept afloat, his or her face isn’t in contact with water.

Key Features

  • Crotch strap, zippered front, and quick-release buckles
  • Double collar for buoyancy and support for the head and neck
  • V-shaped neckline for maximum range of movement
  • Open-back design for comfort


  • It is less bulky compared to other vests
  • Turns a child on his or her back


  • Crotch strap might provide some discomfort

3. Salus Bijoux Infant Life Jacket

This is one of the personal flotation devices that employ a unique design to provide high levels of comfort and safety. Its ideal users should weigh between 9 and 25 pounds. This design includes a three-part collar that provides a cushioning effect for the head of the baby and keeps it at the center of the collar.

Two shoulder straps run downwards from the collar of the vest to its base. They can be adjusted to create a snugger fit around a child. There is a mesh compartment at the bottom of the life jacket that creates breathability and comfort for the wearer. This compartment extends to the back of the vest, allowing your baby to lie comfortably on any surface.

The interior of the jacket is lined with a Dry-Lex Aerospace liner that further contributes to the adequate aeration of the vest. This, alongside a lifting handle which allows for rapid extraction of the baby from the water. And the short front design that enhances comfort while sitting are two of the Salus Bijoux’s most unique and practical features.

Finally, you need not worry about the level of buoyancy this highly flexible flotation device provides; it is top-notch. The design ensures that a baby is turned on its back in the water; safety first, safety always.

Key Features     

  • Dry – Lex liner for ventilation and comfort
  • Three piece-collar for head and neck support and buoyancy
  • Short-design for comfortable sitting
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • It can be re-adjusted to suit the size of the baby
  • It provides great ease


  • It is a little bulky

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4. Stearns Heads-Up Child Life Vest

Our list of the four best baby life jackets would not be complete without the Stearns Infant Life Vest. It is a type II vest suitable for children weighing a minimum of 30 pounds and a maximum of 50 pounds.

At the top of this stylish life vest lies a sufficiently padded collar which serves as a headrest for its wearer. It also fosters face-up flotation. You will find a robust grab handle just above the padded collar. This will come in handy should you have to pull your baby out of water in a hurry.

This flotation device, like many others, has two adjustable straps. They wrap themselves around the child’s waist, acting more like restraining belts. And of course, for ease of connection and release, straightforward buckles are attached to them. A crotch strap completes the restraining features of the Stearns vest. It can be adjusted to create the perfect fit for its occupant.

The insides of the jacket are padded with durable Polyethylene foam and lined with a polyester liner to create an altogether cozy internal environment that any baby would love.

Key Features

  • Padded crotch strap for additional restraint
  • Padded collar for buoyancy and support
  • Adjustable straps at the waist region for firm confinement


  • It can be easily spotted in the water
  • It supports face-up flotation


  • Buckles are sometimes stiff and do not come off easily
  • It is bulky


A lot of the life jackets reviewed in this article would do the job required of them satisfactorily: saving a child’s life. But at a closer look, you will find that they provide different ranges of comfort, restraint, and aesthetic value. So, in the end, the choice will be made based on your preference.

We have done the heavy lifting of sifting through several infant life jackets and pulling out the ones considered to be the best; your move is next.