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Baby Bjorn Travel Crib : 6 Best Baby Travel Crib

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib : 6 Best Baby Travel Crib

Picking up a few clothes and wash-up items and dashing to the Bus Park or airport with your traveling bag may have made traveling a personal hobby for you. However, having a baby could turn your hobby to worry about. The most worrisome question on your mind would remain, “Where would my baby sleep?”

Have you heard about Baby Bjorn Travel Crib? Or have you come across any baby travel crib? Well, if you have come across one, then you will not be having your present worries.

Baby travel cribs provide you with a mobile, comfortable, safe and portable sleeping arena for your baby with great familiarity.

There are numerous travel cribs in the market, but your baby needs something great to have a rewarding sleep. In addition, not anything out there will do just that for these little ones. Your baby deserves the best, and you deserve your rest when you travel.

So, what are the best traveling baby cribs? What should you consider when making your choice?

Well, the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is the best traveling crib for your baby. However, there are other great alternatives to it. This article gives you a great baby Bjorn travel crib review and the top 5 best baby traveling cribs.

Top Products Comparison: Baby Travel Crib

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

This travel crib brand has two products, which have slight differences: baby Bjorn travel crib light and baby Bjorn travel crib light 2.

The “light” suffix that is attached to this travel crib emphasizes the compact, flexible, and lightweight feature of this travel crib. This makes it easy to carry, transport, and assemble as well as to disassemble.

The frame of this crib is more extensive, and the base and combines with the comfortable soft mattress at the floor gives it standing stability, once it is set-up.

The breathable mesh allows your baby to sleep under optimum ventilation and still gives you the ease of viewing the child from any angle for proper monitoring.

The top rail edges of this travel cot are padded to give you and your baby comfort each time you intend to soothe them in the crib or when they stand to giggle with you.

Since this is our best pick, we owe you a comprehensive an awesome baby Bjorn travel crib review. Let’s look at some striking facts about this great travel sleeping kit.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Dimensions

There are three basic baby Bjorn travel crib dimensions— the mattress dimension (23.5 x 41 x 1.2 inches); the assembled dimension (32 x 44 x 24 inches) and the folded dimension (19 x 23.5 x 5.5 inches). These dimensions uniformly emphasize the portability of the travel crib.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Sheets

This sheet is the only accessory that is associated with this crib. Made of soft organic cotton that is comfortable to the skin of your baby. They have been tested to be found chemically free, eco-friendly and washable. However, it is important to note that, baby Bjorn travel crib sheets are sold separately from the crib and comes in many designs.

​Baby Bjorn Travel Crib; Light vs. Light 2

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light and Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light 2 are similar in all respect except in their weight and price. The former weighs – and cost – while the later weight – and cost -. Another slight difference is their color. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light 2 comes in one color—blue and is currently out of stock.

Here is a comprehensive baby Bjorn travel crib reviews—highlighting all the beneficial features of this traveling cot that makes it a product of first and prior consideration. Walk into any offline store or log into any online store and make a great traveling accomplice purchase in the Baby Bjorn travel crib.

Lotus Travel Crib

Lotus Travel Crib gives you beyond-sleeping services. It is a play-yard and used in any of your travel destinations.

You can quickly move this travel crib around anywhere you intend to use it because of its lightweight. In addition, you could make multiple visitations or stops with your baby in a single trip due to the super-fast ease of setting up lotus travel crib.

The quiet zipper-door feature of Lotus travel crib gives you the freedom to interact with your baby and your baby freedom to play around before bedtime.

Lotus travel crib has a soft mattress and chemical-free, which gives your baby a comfortable and healthy playing and sleeping environment.

The mesh of lotus travel crib guarantees your baby an unmatched breathable airflow and ventilation.

The frame of this crib makes it stable, and the rail edges, which continues from the frame is padded for added comfort and safety when your baby plays on their feet.

Lotus travel crib is an excellent piece of the traveling collection, and it is highly recommended for everyone and everywhere.

Lotus Travel Crib vs. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

Lotus Travel Crib and Baby Bjorn Travel Crib share some similarities and differences between them. They are the most popular baby travel cribs.

They both have a breathable air mesh for ventilation and increased sleeping comfort. Also, both cribs have soft mattresses that rest comfortably on the floor, preventing the noise that is associated with elevated cradles.

Some outstanding features like being wider at the base with more sleeping and playing area and a zippered door that would allow you to sleep or relate with your baby partially.

4moms Breeze Portable Travel Play Yard

If you are looking for a baby travel crib that you would set up “on-the-go,” then 4Moms Breeze Portable Play Yard is your best bet.

Setting up this assembling and disassembling, this travel crib is seriously smooth—with a simple push and pull motion.

Once set up, it is sturdy and rests comfortably on the surface on which you place it.

4Moms Breeze Travel Crib has a soft mattress that provides comfort during play and slip.

The removable bassinet of this baby travel cot makes it versatile as a play yard before sleep and a sleeping mat at bedtime.

It dissembles into a small piece that could be carried conveniently from one place to another.

4Moms Breeze Portable Travel Play yard is one of the most convenient play yards you could purchase for your touring spree.

MiClassic Travel Crib

MiClassic will send your baby to dreamland!

The unique feature of this travel crib is that you could manipulate the stands to set it rocking or stationary. This rocking possibility adds to the fun your baby deserves.

It is also a one-step set-up and set-down travel crib.

The elevated mattress is gentle to the skin and keeps your baby above ground level for comfortable and healthy sleep.

The bassinet mesh of this crib is air breathable and allows you to carry out oversight functions.

It is compact and easily folded into a traveling bag for easy transportation.

Snoozeshade Park and Play

This travel crib is perfect for every mom that seeks to share a sleeping room with their babies.

Its reliable framework makes it secure for both outdoor and indoor travel locations.

The unique feature of this crib is its shading features. It has a flat zipper cover and an adjustable panel at each side that allows you to regulate the light intensity that comes to your baby when sleeping.

The mesh of this crib is air breathable, transparent, and mosquito repellent. The mattress is soft. It is easy to set up, lightweight, and easy to move.

Snoozeshade is an excellent option for a versatile and comfortable baby travel crib.

Elanbambino Travel Crib

ELANBAMBINO is another versatile and unique baby travel crib.

It takes about 1 minute on the first trial to set up this travel crib

You could make it anywhere due to its extreme lightweight.

The mattress is thin and soft and rests evenly on the floor for more stability. It is also washable and bug resistant.

Taking periodic oversight and playing with your baby will not leave you with sore back when using this travel crib. The mesh is mosquito repellent and transparent and has to front open access for smooth interaction.

ElanBambino is a worthy sleeping kit for your trips as well as a home stay.


Baby travel cribs are all designed to solve your worry problems about where your baby would sleep during your excursions, vacations, camping, and trips. They all have their unique features that would suit your preferences. We have reviewed the top, in-stock baby travel cribs and our best pick is the baby Bjorn travel crib. Hurry and purchase for your traveling hobby.

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