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You need to know umbrella stroller weight limit, 3 different types, and features

Umbrella stroller weight limit  

Most Umbrella Strollers come with a labelled weight limit. Some have a weight limit of 30 pounds, while others have a limit of 60 pounds. On the average, the weight limit for an umbrella stroller is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms. This is majorly due to the fact that the material used to design the carrying area is lightweight. As such, all items placed in the stroller, in addition to the baby’s weight, should not exceed the stated weight limit. In order to minimize the weight of the items placed in the carrying area, items like diaper bags or purses can be placed in the storage area, beneath the carrying area.

Types of Umbrella Strollers:


  • Umbrella Strollers for travelling

This type of stroller is ideal for parents that travel and move around often. They are usually lightweight, as low as 10- 15 pounds or less, and able to fit into the car trunk or overhead compartment of a plane. They generally have a weight limit of 55 pounds.

  •   Everyday Umbrella Stroller Weight Limit

 This type of stroller has a sturdy frame and is ideal for older, heavier and weightier children. It also has other features like a reclining seat, easy-to-steer wheels and a durable fabric. On the average, it can carry a weight of up to 55 pounds.

  • Car Seat Compatible Umbrella Stroller 

This type of stroller works like a partial travel system. You can easily and conveniently carry your child from the car to the stroller without taking him/ her away from the car seat. It is also sturdy, weighing about 17 pounds, and allows the car seat to attach easily unto the stroller. Generally, it has a weight limit of 50 pounds.

Pros and cons of Umbrella Strollers

The major advantage of an umbrella stroller is that it is portable and lightweight. The average weight of an umbrella stroller is 10- 12 pounds, and in some cases, you may find lighter ones.

In addition, umbrella strollers are portable and convenient. They are foldable, compact and easy to carry around. On the other hand, this type of stroller is cheaper and less expensive than other strollers.

Nevertheless, umbrella strollers are smaller than regular strollers. As such, they may not be convenient for larger and weightier babies. Similarly, they may not be ideal for smaller babies, who need neck support, since most of them do not have provision for a reclining seat.

More so, umbrella strollers generally have smaller wheels than regular strollers. This makes them quite unsuitable for rough areas.

All you need to know about Umbrella Strollers

Transporting babies and toddlers from place to place can be very stressful and inconveniencing. However, carrying devices like strollers has made it easy for parents and child-minders to be able to carry their young ones to the mall, cinema, church, supermarkets, airport or just for a walk.

While shopping for a stroller, you may need to consider the following features: handle bar, canopy, basket, brakes and locks, fold, shocks, wheels and seat. There are various types of strollers in the market: joggling stroller, double stroller, car seat carrier, travel system and umbrella stroller among-st others.

Although most of these strollers are heavy and quite difficult to carry around, umbrella strollers are lightweight and convenient. In fact, they are sometimes referred to as lightweight strollers. This is because this is because umbrella strollers are designed in a way that is fold-able, compact, portable and easy to use.

Features to consider when buying an Umbrella Stroller

  • Canopy: If you are looking for the ideal stroller to protect your child from harmful UV rays or from the rain, umbrella stroller is the right choice for you. This stroller comes with an adjustable shield canopy to protect your baby’s sensitive eyes and skin.Some umbrella strollers come with additional features like a detachable canopy or a sun visor.
  • Seat Material: Mesh materials are usually the best, especially in the carrying area of the stroller, because they are breathable. In addition, ensure that the seat area is well padded for the comfort of your young one.
  • Weight limit and Fold-ability: Depending on how often you use the stroller, ensure that the weight and fold-ability suits your taste, since some strollers are more lightweight and fold-able than others.